Despite morning rain, a sunny afternoon

Despite morning rain, a sunny afternoon

When I woke up at six this morning it was still dark and raining. I used the bathroom and then checked the weather report. It said it was going to be raining for most of the day. I thought it was just supposed to be yesterday and that was it. Guess I wasn’t getting all my errands done. I planned on just going to the bank for my mother and then pick up my meds at Walgreens. I took my morning meds and set my alarm so I wouldn’t sleep all day.

I woke up just before the alarm went off. I didn’t want to do a damn thing. It was a bit brighter in my room but that could be deceiving. I got up and decided to shower. Then I would eat something. It was sunny out and warm. I would be able to do all my errands. I showered and my foot didn’t act up. I was hot though. I heated up a burrito that I had made. It was really filling. After I ate, I went up to my room to get dressed. I wore jean shorts. I have no idea what happened to my belts. They are only on two pairs of pants/jeans. I have 3 or 4 belts so that means 1 or 2 are missing. I just wore the shorts without the belt. My phone would have to go in the cargo pocket.

I got my packages and my mother’s bank book (yes, bank book, she doesn’t do anything electronically) and left. I had also grabbed the screen that needed to be fixed. I went to the post office first. I forgot the customs form that I had already filled out in my bag. I filled out another one. Then I got a box for the thing I was mailing. I also mailed the card for my friend in Canada. It needed postage as I didn’t have enough on it. I have no idea what the postage is but the lady put like three stamps on it, in addition to the two I had put. I paid then waited for the bus to go to the screen place down the street. It was too long for me to walk.

I didn’t have to wait too long. I got to the screen place and the lady said she wasn’t sure she could fix it and it might have to be replaced. I asked how much it would be and she said between $60-70. I was expecting that much. They said they would call me. I missed the 1330 bus. The next bus was to the Square and I debated going to have espresso. I decided to get it so stayed on the bus. When I got half way there, I ordered my drink and some Danish. I don’t know why I ordered it as I wasn’t hungry. I will have it for tomorrow as I didn’t eat it.

I went to the bank and then to Walgreens. I bought some facial stuff as I have a breakout of blackheads on my nose. I had an astringent but it smelled really bad. I tossed it as I figured it was expired. I wanted to get a facial bar and scrub sponge. It took me forever to find the sponge as I didn’t remember who made it. I finally found it as I almost gave up. I should have bought a soap holder but forgot. The bar that I bought breaks down quickly when wet. Hopefully I won’t have to use it for too long. I hope to get my haircut tomorrow. It’s the only thing left to do this week, oh and get my T-Pass.

My Amazon package had arrived when I came home. I had ordered my sister the cappuccino that I like as I used her last few packs. I also bought my brother in law the tea that he likes. I forgot I bought my mother the tennis ball gliders for the walker so it wouldn’t make so much noise. Putting them on was a bitch. They worked though.

I kind of caught the last of the game last night. Seems the Sox and the Bruins (hockey) were behind and came back to win. Hoping for another win tonight. Sale is pitching. He didn’t do well last time out, but then he was up against an A’s pitcher that no hit.

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