doing laundry all day

Doing laundry all day

The hamper was full so I decided to do laundry. I started it before my groceries were delivered. I didn’t separate the clothes until after the groceries were put away. I had to take breaks because it was so damn hot in the kitchen and my back was giving me grief. I put away the refrigerated and frozen stuff first and then took my time with the other stuff.

I had about 6 loads of laundry. I just put the last load in the washer. There is also a load in the dryer. I folded the clothes, my way, and it was a huge pile. I split it as there was no way I could carry all of it up the stairs.

I got an eye appointment tomorrow. It is supposed to be slightly cooler but not much. I had conflicting reports from two meteorologists so neither knows when the humidity is going down. It is just going to be hot the rest of the week and next week, too. I am not liking this. But the storms seem to be moving out and the game will be played today. Last night they scored 5 runs, all dingers (homeruns), and it didn’t count because they were rained out! The Red Sox, Sox Nation, and I were ripshit. It was the umpires call once the game started but the O’s should have called the game knowing the rain was moving in. Jerks. I hate the O’s and their manager. Hope he gets fired after the “wonderful” season he is having.

I hope I remember I have my eye appointment. I keep thinking I have nothing going on but I do. I wanted to spend tomorrow just resting but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I will make a sandwich for lunch. The appt is late in the afternoon. I think I am going to order Thai for dinner. I’ll get Pad Thai. It is my favorite. It is too hot to cook. I still need to get more turkey breast for sandwiches. I bought precooked bacon. I wasn’t crazy about it. I forget the brand I bought. I think Boar’s Head is better but you only get like 7 slices per box. This had more than that.

My mother might be coming home next week. Depends on how she does. She is going to see the surgeon Monday. I can but can’t wait till she is home. I just know my lunatic aunt is going to be over every fricken day to hover over her and start fights with her. Drives me crazy. I wish I could just tell my aunt to leave but it’s my mother’s house too.

I took about 2.5 hour nap. I probably won’t sleep tonight.

any thoughts?

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