Flare Sunday 29-July-18

Flare Sunday

My sister called me while I was in deep sleep. She wanted to know who was making noise. There was someone in my house but I wasn’t about to go downstairs to find out who it was. I said it was probably my other sister. It was. She left me a note about how she cleaned the bathroom. I used it and then went back to my room. That was all I fricken did. Ankle got set off. It was around 10 or so in the morning. I knew if it was hurting now, I was likely going to be this way all day. I texted my therapist saying I wouldn’t make it tomorrow because of these flares.

I took a breakthrough med and waited a little while before going downstairs to make something to eat. I made coffee, bacon, an egg, and toast. It was good. A package came for me that I ordered so I went downstairs and that was the breaking point. My ankle hurt worse when I came in my room, after I sat down on my bed. That is never a good thing when I stand and then sitting causes more pain. I had called my brother in law to see if he could pick up my prescription. He said he was in Maine. Great. That meant I was literally home alone with a bum ankle and I didn’t have my cane. I was kind of panicking. My support group said to just stay on the bed and watch a show. So I took an Ativan (anxiety attack was already happening by then), and then opened Netflix to watch a show. I don’t remember if it was one or two episodes I watched. Afterwards I was hungry. Pain had settled down some so I went downstairs to make something to eat. I made steak and cheese. It was really greasy. I don’t think I am going to buy that kind of steak anymore. I don’t like eating grease. Greasy food okay, but not a mouthful of plain grease. Yuck!

I went back upstairs. I tried on the new dress shirt I bought. It fit good and the neck was the right size. I asked FB and Twitter what would be a good tie. I got an overwhelming response for the light blue tie so I will be wearing that for the wedding I will be going to in Sept. I just need to get new dress pants and a belt. I will get it next month. I thought it was safe to have a cup of coffee. The iced coffee didn’t perk me up and I broke my rule of no caffeine after 3 pm. I watched the rest of the Sox game as I drank it. They won. I finished my coffee and rinse out the cup as it was a special cup.

I went back upstairs with my cane and at the last four or so, my ankle gave out. It was so difficult going up those last few stairs. I was hurting so bad. I took another breakthrough med. Now I know for certain I am NOT doing PT unless they increase my pain dose. I’ve been in severe pain since Friday. This shouldn’t be happening. I hope they fucking hear me this time or I am going to just end things. What else am I going to do? Continue to be in pain??

any thoughts?

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