A day of rest yet still in pain

A day of rest yet still in pain

Yesterday I stayed in bed most of the day. I slept for the majority of the time. Both ankles were still hurting and my left foot/ankle was still swollen, though not as much. It really didn’t go down until late last night. I wanted to write a blog but after about an hour of just checking email and trying to remember my password for my book thing, I got tired and went back to sleep. I had every intention of writing a blog, it just never happened. I still am locked out of my book thing. I just tweeted to try and get help that way as you apparently need to log in to ask for help (that is useful when you can’t do so!)

Both ankles are still hurting me though not as much as they were. My left is worse than my right. I made a bacon sandwich but I couldn’t finish it. My appetite has been awful the past few days. I just am not hungry. Yesterday all I had was an egg sandwich and a protein bar. I didn’t feel like eating. I also haven’t been drinking though my bladder has been going. My kidneys are still functioning.

I had to call my dentist office because I received an explanation of benefits for Aug 3rd of this year. I haven’t been to the dentist since like January. They billed it wrong and got the wrong teeth on the thing so will have to redo it. It is from the work they did last year that they never billed. I had emailed my insurance but if they respond, I will let them know it is an error.

I’m still debating on changing my appointment with PT tomorrow. But I got to get out of the house. It will depend on my pain levels. Just making the bacon kind of caused more pain. I also went down to my sister’s to make coffee. I didn’t want to make it.

I got into the book thing. I was using the wrong email address. UGH. Having the same but different email accounts suck! I just hope I remember now. All that hassle for nothing. I emailed my PT saying that the exercises are painful as I am still sore. I tried to do them and my foot didn’t like it. Moving my foot up still hurts. I think it is still swollen. I have been taking ibuprofen to calm it down. I haven’t taken any today. Sucks when you need your lower body to walk and it hurts. My mother’s back is hurting her today. She is not using the walker to get around so that looks like a good sign. I still am nervous about her going up to her bedroom. I don’t think she is ready because she still has trouble on the stairs going into our apartment.

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