First day of Fall 22-Sept-18

First day of Fall 22 Sept 18

I read a few chapters of the book “Helping the suicidal person” By Dr. Stacey Freedenthal. I bought it because I am a geek in suicidology and because I came to know the therapist through Twitter during a rough patch. I was extremely hopeless and she gave me links on her blog to help. This all lead me to write the therapist blog I have been meaning to write. I was almost done when I got a phone call. It was my friend’s husband saying that they located my elderly friend in the hospital and that was why he hasn’t been returning our phone calls. I am relieved. Tomorrow we are going to see him. So while we were talking, I lost my train of thought so decided to write another one, on a different topic.

Today has been cool. I woke up later than I wanted. I was debating on going to the bank or not and to do the errands I needed to do. I ended up going to the bank and then to the Stop and Shop for a few things. I came home and made a sandwich. I bought cold cuts. It and four cookies have been all that I have eaten today. I might have a burrito after I take my night meds. I am getting hungry again.

It got really musty in my room because I shut the fan off. I left to use the bathroom and when I came back, put the AC on but on a high temp so I didn’t freeze. I just need it to dehumidify my room. I plan on getting some damp rid stuff to control the odor. It is bad because of the rain and what not and I don’t have much air circulating because I keep my door closed to block the sounds of the TV downstairs. My allergies have been awful today for a low/medium count. Sinuses hurt and I have post nasal drip. Fucking sucks. I have year round allergies so I know part of it is the change in weather (for now). I should have taken another allegra this morning but didn’t because the pollen was low. Won’t do that again.

I got to shave my head. I haven’t decided if I am going to shower after or not. I really don’t want to. I might wait until tomorrow as I will be going out anyways. I want to take one this morning but it never happened. My mother said something about me sleeping late the last two days. I just ignored her. She doesn’t understand anyway. I went to request a refill of my ear drops as the eczema is back in my ear. The drops I have, have expired. Med isn’t in my med list. I have no idea when it was taken off. I am so annoyed because I go through this every single year since my new PCP and he always gives me a hard time filling the med. I wouldn’t request it if I didn’t need it. It is either use these drops or scratch the fuck out of my ear canal. Maybe I should tell him that. How did I get this moron???

any thoughts?

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