Sprain, Pain, and physical therapy

Sprain, Pain, and physical therapy

I had PT today. I had to have my cousin drop me on the station because I was low on the my pass funds, again. I have had to put $15 on the ticket so far because I use it so much. I am definitely getting a monthly pass when my card comes in. Luckily, I don’t have to go again till Monday. I hope the pass comes in the mail by then.

I told my therapist I was worried I sprained it again. She reassured me that unless I fall, I cannot sprain my ankle again. She said I am overdoing the exercises as I am just supposed to do three sets of each exercises. I have been doing like 15 reps per exercise which obviously caused my muscles to me sore. I guess more isn’t better in this case. She told me about the pain program wanted to overlap our sessions with theirs as my sprain isn’t better and my leg isn’t as strong. She will also tell me when the program will begin, though they may call me. They tried to call me last week but for some reason my phone was rejecting the call. It was really weird. I restarted my phone but the same thing happened when my repro endo doc’s secretary tried calling me. It went right to voicemail.

I called my pain clinic and my scripts were ready for pick up. I am glad I went today because it is going to rain all day tomorrow. It was so damn hard because I had to stand most of the way and then walk to the building to pick them up. The syringes for my testosterone has been called in. I had to call the pharmacy to check on availability and they ended up switching to a different manufacturer so I could have them. I still have the problem of the needle being bigger than the vial. I called my PCP’s nurse and she agreed to do it, but I can’t bring in the med to inject. They will show me how using saline. Okay. But that doesn’t solve the problem. I was never a nurse so have no idea how I am to draw the stuff using a big needle. I plan on bringing the vial anyways to show her and then maybe she can just give me a tip on how to draw the stuff. The doc gave me 1ML syringes and I am to draw 0.25 mLs. I got that part. I used to be a medical assistant so know how to draw but I asked for a smaller needle and didn’t get it. UGH!!! Anyways, Wednesday will be my starting day for transition. I hope I can do this!

I came home after the pick up of pain scripts. I also got some stuff at the pharmacy while I was there. I am so tired and my ankle is berserk right now. I stood too long waiting for the damn bus and walking around the hospital. I got a coffee while I was there, a real French vanilla coffee. It was so good. I had to sit for a while but that was a mistake because I didn’t want to get up afterwards. I was starving when I came home but I was also hot so went upstairs to change and rest a bit before eating. My mother was making butternut squash and eggplant. I decided to have the leftover chicken cutlets and squash. It was so good. Butternut squash is my favorite kind of squash. I usually just have it at Thanksgivings all mashed up with butter and brown sugar. But I just had it plain with a little salt on it. It was so good. Then I had a lemon yogurt for dessert.

I did a lot of shit today. I am so happy I didn’t injure my ankle again. I am going to try and just rest tomorrow but I might bake. I really want to try the lemon loaf I’ve been dying to make. I bought more lemons so I could make it. I think I am going to do it sometime this weekend. That is the plan anyway.

any thoughts?

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