finally home to relax

Finally home to relax

Today is CRPS day so that is why I have an orange ribbon in this post

I have been in more pain than my CRPS foot/ankle today. I tried getting a hold of my doctor to see what the hell the plan was other than “see a foot specialist.” I got tired of waiting so I called the doc I was going to see next week to see if I could see someone this week. There was an appointment open this afternoon so when my mother came home, I flew out the door. I missed the bus by 1 minute because I put my shoes on. I decided to go another way to the hospital. I got there with an hour to spare.

The doc was friendly and said I had plantar fasciitis as the tears were on the other side of my ankle where it didn’t hurt. WTF! I said are you kidding me?? He said yes and he drew it out. Then he was flexing my foot like crazy. If he did that with my CRPS foot, I would need to go to the emergency room for pain control! He said I had to stretch all day and ice the area. 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off. I have to grab one of the water bottles in the freezer and bring it up to my room. Then I will have to play the remember to bring it downstairs for another bottle game. I still have the reusable ice pack my PT gave me in my room. I brought it up here and been meaning to bring it back to the freezer but have not done so yet.

When I got out of the appointment, it was rush hour so I had to wait for the shuttle back to one hospital in Boston that would take me to the orange line. I had to wait for that one too as it wasn’t there. Then there was traffic around. The first train was packed so waited for the second. The bus was packed. I had to fight to get off the bus I was on. There was people coming on the bus as I am yelling I am coming off and then the bus driver closed the doors. Asshole. I was not happy. My mother mad dinner so I was happy. I feel bad I couldn’t do dishes. I just hurt too much to stand. I knew I was going to hurt after the appointment but fuck. I am just glad I don’t have to be in a brace or cast or something.

I totally forgot to go to the pharmacy on the way home. One of my prescriptions weren’t ready. I had to call to find out why. Stock hadn’t come in. I will try tomorrow after I vote. I was able to get a ride so I don’t need to use the Lyft program. I am glad because I don’t like giving my information out to these places. I just hope I am awake tomorrow by 11 am like I told the guy. My mother is supposedly going with my cousin and her sister, the lunatic. I am happy they are going but I don’t want to ride with them.

I had two chicken sandwiches as my mother made chicken cutlets for supper. I didn’t want anything else. Then my PCP’s nurse called and I updated her on things. I just wish there was something I could do for the pain. Hopefully the stretching helps because I don’t want a cortisone shot. I think they are just money makers and make things worse.

any thoughts?

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