New brace and other things

New brace and other things

I didn’t have a horrible night sleeping but I had the hardest time getting up. I am glad my psych appointment tomorrow is in the late afternoon so I can stay in bed till noon or so. I still have to check the schedule to see what time to leave. I think I will take the 1 pm one as I want to write for a while. It was really cold today. My bones didn’t like it one bit.

I got a lace up brace that is similar to the one I was going to buy at Walgreens except that it is white instead of black. The stabilizer things come out too, which is nice. The guy put it too tight so by the time I came home, I had to take it off and there was a red mark on my foot. Hope it is gone tomorrow and is not too sore as I got to wear the thing. It does it job but my heel still hurts. I hope PT will help relieve that pain. Lacing up the brace in PT is going to be fun. I have a hard time lacing up my sneakers!

Getting home was a bitch and a half. There was a bus at 147 but there was no way I was going to be able to make it. The next one wasn’t until 313. I checked the next bus at the other location and it was at 247. I wasn’t going to stay at the station for a fricken an hour! I took another bus closer to my home and caught a different bus route home. I reached home before 247 after traveling through town. Such a fricken bitch having this new schedule. I hope it changes to every hour next time because it gives me more options. I was so mad.

I was so bloody cold when I came home. My room was cold. Then my feet became a block of ice so I put thermal socks on. I changed to a heavier shirt. I was just wearing a long sleeve T-shirt. The jacket I was wearing needs a lightweight shirt or I would have roasted. I wanted a nap but pain prevented that. I got hungry and made a French bread pizza. I didn’t like it. Seems the quality of it went down. No wonder the price did, too.

I plan on reading my Harry Potter book until my meds kick in and I go to sleep. My facial hair is weird. Instead of it being on my face, it is under my chin. I don’t get it.

My mother has every TV on full blast. I have the whisperer machine on to drown out the noise. I just can’t handle noise today for some reason. I don’t know if it is because I am tired or because I am in pain. I am not in horrible pain but it is just at the level to be annoying. My foot feels like it is being split in half again.

I found an old pen that I bought at least 15 years ago or more. It needed a refill as the cartridge that was in it was all dried up. The refills just came in. I think they came from Germany as it is a German pen. It is a ceramic rollerball pen. It is kind of heavy on the ink but it writes okay. I have it on my bed to use it for a bit. I am sure it will go to a hole in my room again to collect dust.

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