Friday Blah

Friday blah

Temps went up to around 50 today. I sweated through my PJs despite having the window and fan on. I was so damn hot. My foot woke me up around 1pm. Bladder did too. I have urine infection so I have to go every couple of hours. I hope the medication works for it and the bladder cramps.

I just had to pick up my meds at the pharmacy today. My mother wanted me to go to the bank but she had my nephew go. She didn’t think I was going to get up. I really didn’t feel like going but it makes me walk around the block so I don’t mind it so much. When I came home, I wanted to create a document for the psychopharm for a kind of safety plan. I found an old journal with the Suicide Status Form but it must have been from the early days of when it was being devised. It only had like five items on it, a question about whether the client can keep themselves safe and their signature. No clinician input at all. I created the document and just added a clinician signature to it so that we can both agree to my safety. I will print them out for my therapist and the psychopharm Sunday night. I had sent my therapist a message about our appointment not being in the web thing calendar and she must have put it in today because it is there.

I have two appointments on Monday. I see the concussion doc and then I see the therapist. I have two hours in between appointments. I am going to be fricken tired. As I was going through Twitter last night, Dolly Parton had her song, I will always love you, in a clip. Made me think of Whitney Houston and I tried in vain to get one of her albums downloaded but fricken the Amazon app wouldn’t cooperate. It was having issues and customer service wasn’t helpful. So I downloaded it on my laptop and will transfer the songs after I listen to them for a bit. She has such a talented voice. I remember when I first heard her song, the Greatest Love of All. My aunt, mother’s sister, had come over and told us what the song means. I took it to heart and became an even bigger fan. I was deeply sad that she ended her life a few years ago. I’ve never been a fan of Bobby Brown and when she died, I blamed him for her death.

This weekend I am going to try and change my sheets. I just need to find a clean set of sheets. I have no idea where I put them. I hope they are in my drawer and not in the pile of clothes I have that is turning into a mountain. I think if I am able to change my sheets tomorrow and have a free day Sunday, I will tackle this mountain. I just need to sort through the clothes to decide where I want to put them. Once I take down this mountain, I will have access to my closet and then those clothes can go in there. That is the plan anyway. Probably won’t happen but we’ll see. I just hope my back can get through some of the dismantling.

any thoughts?

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