Friday nights

Friday nights

For the past month or so, my cousins on my father’s side get together for a zoom call. It has been fun and a way to pass the boredom. We had over 40 minutes for the first call and then after it we got 40 which kind of sucked but we made do. I was in charge of the meetings but because of my current problem with my back, my cousin took it over. I am relieved as now she has the responsibility of it. LOL.

Today has been a not so great day. I’ve had side effects from the Invega for most of the day. It really sucked because I had to take meds that made me sleepy so I slept most of the day. It was all I could do. I guess it was good as I needed the rest. My back is spazzing periodically right now. It is driving me crazy. I already took my meds so there is nothing I can do about it.

A friend texted me tonight and asked how I was doing. I told her and we talked for a bit. I have been friends with her for the last several years. She just got diagnosed with breast cancer. I feel bad and hope I don’t lose her as she has the advance types. She is a good friend of mine and I would hate to lose her. But it sounds like chemo is working and surgery is coming so hopefully things will be better after surgery.

I really need to get back in the habit of washing my face. I am getting little breakouts of zits and I don’t like it. It is hard to get rid of the suckers. Sometimes they go away on their own but most of the time they are too small to break or in a position that isn’t good to “pop”. I hate when that happens. Only reason I haven’t been washing is because my back keeps cramping while standing. I can either brush my teeth or wash and I choose to brush my teeth. I don’t know what will make the cramps go away. I think I need PT but with the spinal leak, I can’t be moving around so much. Just sucks right now. I wish I could have the wipes or something but they are so expensive and not really made for acne. Just for washing off make up. I use the spot treatment for the zits sometimes but it takes some remembering to use it.

It was warm today and because of the pressure changing we are having thunderstorms right now with gusty winds. There is a tornado warning in effect for western Mass. Hope there is no tornado. I hate the destruction they cause. I am so hot in my room because the ceiling fan only does so much. I don’t think I am going to sleep very well because I have to sleep in a cool room. I might have to take some clothes off, lol.

any thoughts?

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