Saturday Blog 01082020

Saturday Blog 01082020

Rabbits! Rabbits! It’s the first of the month and I am not sure why people say rabbits, I was told once but since forgot. So I am saying it in case it will bring me luck this month. I haven’t done anything today but sleep. I just have been so tired. I slept good last night so I don’t understand why I am so tired. I didn’t eat much today. I just had graham cracker cereal. It is all I really wanted today. I might make a burger. I don’t know yet. I might make turkey bacon instead. I haven’t had it in a while.

I am feeling tired and depressed. I don’t feel like doing much and I am so stressed out about the upcoming surgery. I have been having anxiety attacks all day because of the stress. I feel like I can’t catch my breath. I’ve been clenching my teeth as all of them have been hurting me. I wish there was something I could take for the pain but there isn’t.

I need to shave again. I have decided not to let my beard grow in. I like it when I clean shaven. I just need to trim my mustache. That is the only hard part because I am not skilled in doing it. Hopefully it will come with practice.

I slept all day and I feel like I can go back to sleep. I am trying to stay up for a bit so that I can go to sleep when I take my meds. I feel so disgusting. My stomach is bothering me and not sure why. It has been hurting for the past two days. I know it cannot be because of constipation because my bowels emptied the other day and then I got diarrhea.

Monday I got to call PT and change the appointment to a virtual visit. I really don’t want to go but I got to do something while I am waiting for surgery. I ordered Chinese food because I wanted it. I really don’t feel like cooking.

I got Taylor Swift’s album stuck in my head. I might hear it after I have supper.

any thoughts?

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