Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017

I was up in pain most of the night. I think I finally went to bed around 5ish. After 3, I was checking my bank account for the deposit that I should have had. It usually comes in around 0330. By 0430, nothing was in. I just assumed it was because yesterday was a holiday. When I woke up around 11, I was reading twitter and my bank had posted a tweet saying they were having trouble with direct deposits. D’oh. I was hoping to have my deposit later today, which did happen. Now I can pay my bills and be poor come Monday.

My mother made cherry pie and that was all that interested me. I didn’t want leftovers, just pie. My sisters and brother in law went up to New Hampshire for the weekend. Before leaving, my brother in law told me to feed the fish and cats outside and to take the recycle bin to the driveway. I fed the fish. The recycle bin was on the porch so they must have come before they left. I wasn’t going to feed the feral cats. I’ll feed them in the morning when I get up.

I am so tired from pain. My foot still is hurting me despite being in bed most of the day. I was tempted to make an appt with my doc but I don’t think there is anything that can be done. I was just feeling so hopeless. I emailed my psychiatrist. I told her how rotten I felt and how I read the radiology report of my bone scan. All week, the top of my foot has hurt really bad and trying to move the ankle the way it should hurts like hell.

Tuesday, I see my PT. I am not going to go to the pain program she wants me to go to. Hell, I am not sure I even want to be in PT anymore. I am seeing the brace clinic Tuesday night. I really don’t know what to expect from them. Hopefully, they can give me something to immobilize my ankle when it hurts like this as well as something that keeps weight off it.

2 thoughts on “Black Friday 2017

  1. just so ya know, beingdid is me also, your blog posts come to two of my email addys, lol. I love you so much hahaha 😛 no shopping for you then on black Friday? I did not shop much either.


  2. Nope. I had to buy a new laptop so I will have 11 bucks to last me until Dec 26. Yay!!! Forgot one bill in my budget that automatically gets deducted from my acct on the 28th of each month. Fun


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