hodgepodge 999

Hodgepodge 999

My foot is keeping me up so my brain is thinking of things that is making it harder to sleep. Tonight’s thoughts are centered around my ex-ex-girlfriend. We are no longer friends because she said she wanted to “jump my bones” when she sees me next summer. The last time we talked by phone which was more than a few weeks ago, she told me her neighbor, a male, had raped her a couple of times and they also had consensual sex. She got upset that night we talked because this neighbor and her got into an argument so she cut herself pretty bad. She has a lot of mental health issues, her deepest one is being repeatedly used as a sex toy by her father. I think that this along with her bipolar disorder has made her a sex addict. She wasn’t getting the affection from her neighbor anymore, so she cut. It upset me, not because she cut, but because she was having relations with a male. I was a female when I met her. She was out as a lesbian. We had relations for about two years. She was my first love.

I had started to fall out of love for what reason, I am not sure. She is very self-centered, always putting herself first. Whenever I was having a hard time, she ignored me and then told me her problems. Often times she would text me and then shower or fall asleep. In the meantime, I had no idea why she wasn’t responding. It hurt that she didn’t respect my feelings of whatever I was going through and truly couldn’t be there for me. She tried a few times, but she really didn’t know how to be supportive. Or she would say something supportive and then move on to her problems. She has MS and is prone to falling. One time we were texting and she told me she fell. I didn’t hear back from her till the next day. I was going out of my mind about what was happening to her. Sometimes she would end up in the ER because she needed stitches. Why would you tell someone you fell and then not respond afterwards with what is happening?? I was getting annoyed because this happened more than once. A few times she was in an emotional crisis and then I wouldn’t hear from her for hours. She fell asleep from the meds she took, usually her klonopin (not lethal dose). It was emotionally draining. I loved her but I didn’t like being used as this support and not having it returned. She said she loved me all the time but I was questioning that love because she said it so easily yet I felt they were just words she was saying without no meaning behind it.

After I found out about the neighbor and she was still “friends” with him, I couldn’t stand it. How could you continue to see someone that 1) takes advantage of you and 2) rapes you because they got high?? I started being distant with her. On our last contact, after she said she wanted to “jump my bones”, I told her I didn’t want to see her next summer. We had other words but I don’t remember what they were and I deleted her messages. We didn’t speak for 2 days and this was because I was in a flare with my ankle/foot. I pretty much was in bed and sleeping for those days. She didn’t text me at all and I didn’t care. But she was upset that I didn’t text her. I didn’t fall for the bait this time. She called me a freak and said to delete messages from her. So I blocked her number on my phone and on Facebook. I didn’t say anything else other than to thank her for calling me a freak. I then said bye. If she has tried to contact me, I have no clue. I still care about her even though I don’t love her. I’m just worried that she cut herself again with ending our relationship. I know that isn’t my fault, if it happened. I still think about her. I need to stop thinking about her. But my brain is still analyzing the situation.

any thoughts?

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