Open hearted

It’s the idea that you have to be open hearted to walk through life. You have to look for light. You have to know that those things that are going to keep you going, even if you feel unloved or broken hearted you have to keep your heart open & that’s the way to go forward. Mary Chapin Carpenter

I have been following Mary Chapin Carpenter since I was introduced to country music back in 1992. Her album that came out that year was Come On, Come On and it is one of my favorites. I found that she had other older albums but I just got the songs that were popular as I didn’t want to buy the tape (yes, cassette tape) just for that song. I have owned nearly every album since Come On, Come On. Mary Chapin just release a new album on March 30th. It has 1 new song and 12 songs previously recorded. However, one song was bugging me as I don’t remember hearing it, ever. I planned on doing some searching but today it came to light when she posted a link to an interview she did with the Inquirer. The song, Superman, was originally recorded for her album Time*Sex*Love but didn’t make the record. Mystery solved. As I continued reading the article, I found the quote above. Mary Chapin is a deep person as she is beautiful. She just turned 60 but she doesn’t look her age. I just love when I find these gems about her because she is not very keen on social media. She posts just stuff relating to her album or collaborations she is doing with other artists, usually female. She is the only artist where I saw in consecutive years when she came to Boston at what was then, the Fleet Pavilion. I have no idea what it is called now. Then she dropped off the face of the earth, which I later found out she suffered an embolism and was very depressed. Her album Age of Miracles talks about the depression a little bit. Some of those songs really touched me.

I spent the morning sleeping as I woke up in the afternoon. I woke up a few times but was quickly back to sleep. I think I only woke up because of my med alarm and my sister calling me. Then I pulled I will get up in five minutes around noon and fell back to sleep for an hour with my bladder saying if you don’t get up now, you will regret it. I got up. I wasn’t really hungry but figure I should eat so heated up a burrito. The game was on so I turned on the TV. They were down 2-0 at the top of the first but that quickly changed in the bottom of the 1st as they scored four runs. Then another inning the bases were loaded and Xander Bogaerts was up. He hit a grand salami, the first since 2016. The Sox was the only team last year not to record one grand slam all season. It was all that every fricken announcer talked about. In fact most times last season, they left the bases loaded. It was pathetic. So it was really good that X hit a home run. I was so fricken happy. He really has become a good hitter. I watched the rest of the game and the newest hitter, JD Martinez hit a 2 run shot. Then Devers hit his own home run. The Sox won 10-3. It was an awesome win!

4 thoughts on “Open-Hearted

  1. The notion of being ‘open hearted’ – looking for the light, is hyper important I think.

    When symptoms are so severe that hope and light are obliterated, that is not ever a time when I have been able to open my heart.

    That is the time when death seizes me. I may need to put down my heavy load and ask for increased help — that is, until I can pick myself up again.

    Thank you letting me comment. And thank you for this blog.


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