got nothing done today

Got nothing done today

I had wanted to go to the post office and then to the screen place to have my window screen fixed but neither happened because I woke up late. My mother woke me up around 0830, after I fell asleep at 5. I should have stayed up. I thought about it but I was so fricken tired I just went back to sleep. My mother called me around 2 asking where I was. Like seriously, leave me the fuck alone.

I didn’t want to do a damn thing when she woke me up. I had to brush my teeth as I never did it yesterday. I needed to make the last steakhouse burger I had before it went bad. I cleared the messages on my phone, took my pain meds, and then went to the bathroom to brush. It was after 3 so I told my mother I was making a burger for dinner. After the burger I made some tea. My friend who I talked to last night called me as I was drinking it to see how I was doing. We talked for a bit as he was making his way home from work. He was stuck in traffic.

I really hate that I slept so damn late. I should have set my alarm or something. Tomorrow is going to rain so I don’t think I can do anything. The weather is okay Wednesday so maybe I will do that. I am listening to the game. Sox are losing 3-1 right now. I hope they make a comeback.

I paid some bills while I was up. I didn’t order my groceries because I didn’t have enough to cover. I plan on placing the order tomorrow. My mother used my carrots in the stir fry she made last night so I need more. She also told me that she cut up the celery I bought and froze it. I don’t mind because it is cheaper to get a thing of celery than to buy it all cut up.

Free baseball as my boys tied up the game in the 9th inning. YAY, not over yet. Will update when the game is over.

update 2203, Sox lose 4-3 😦

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