hot and annoyed

Hot and annoyed

Temps were close to 90 today. I was annoyed most of the day. I called my mother to ask her if she needed anything while I was out. She said just look at the price of the eggs. Okay. I go downstairs and she wants me to go to the bank. If she said so when I called her, I would be able to go. Now it was too close to the bus schedule and it isn’t going to happen. I asked when the bank closes and she said 4. Sorry no can do. I won’t be home till after 4.

I went to Starbucks and had a sandwich and espresso. I had five shots as I didn’t sleep well last night due to pain. Not really physical pain, but nerve pain, which is a different beast. I wrote while at Starbucks. Then I left for therapy. The train car I was on did not have air on. It was stuffy for the few stops I went. I reported it when I got off the train. I got to my therapy appt a half hour early. I just played with my phone until my therapist called me in.

I told him I would like to try twice a week. He said we can do it this week but then the next time won’t be until middle of July. He is going away after the fourth and won’t return until the third week, I think. I am okay with that. Hopefully but then my meds will be adjusted and PT will helped somewhat so I can make twice a week. We then talked about random stuff.

I left and walked to the station. Temp was higher but the humidity wasn’t bad as I thought it was. The train was delayed and I missed my connecting bus home. I had to go to another bus stop. I was careful on the walk home, avoiding that stupid ramp in the sidewalk that caused my ankle to flare Friday. By the time I walked in the door, I was sweating. The house was hotter than outside. I was kind of grumpy as I was hungry. My mother said what she was making and I told her I wasn’t hungry. She asked what did I say so I yelled I wasn’t hungry. Then she yelled back saying she wasn’t making it now (even though it was after 4PM, her dinner time). I got so annoyed. I just went upstairs and turned on the AC to cool down. My T-shirt was soaked. I used a towel to dry off. I didn’t feel like a shower as my ankle was acting up slightly.

I got a package and it was from China. I thought it was the ice genie I bought. It wasn’t. It was the Pride bracelet. I thought it was cool. I tried opening the clasp and it wouldn’t open. My mother tried and we used different things but it wouldn’t budge. I have no idea how to open it. I took some pics and sent it to a crafty friend. I also emailed the place I bought it from to see what the trick was. Hope my $25 didn’t go to waste or I want a refund.

I checked what the new schedule would be for the bus I take to PT. I will either be 45 minutes early or 10 minutes or more late. Great. I am looking into Uber. I don’t know how I am going to swing it as I don’t have extra cash during this month because of my bill pay mistake. I owe my mother money that she let me borrow to fix my account. I am still pissed. I never called them to argue because I hate conflict.

I took my night meds without problems. Weird because the past few nights I have had trouble swallowing them. I switched Powerades so maybe that was why. Fricken thunderstorm has taken my back out. Lovely. I can’t take my pain meds for another hour. I hate this shit. I really do. Hope I don’t have pain like I did last night. Sox are off so I hope to be asleep before midnight. Not sure what I will be doing after I finish this blog. Maybe read the new book I started yesterday. Or maybe try and read some Neverwhere. Neil Gaiman has another book out called how to talk to girl at parties. I thought it was a play or something and it is a book. I never know with him. I might get it, if it isn’t a graphic novel.

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