going out and paying the price

Going out and paying the price

So past three days I have gone out, including today. It was pouring rain off and on most of the day and humid as fuck. I woke up when my med alarm went off. Then my bladder sent me an urgent message so I went downstairs. Of course, my mother was in the bathroom. I tried to patiently wait.

I decided I might as well go to my barbers to drop off the casserole so I can have the rest of the day to rest. My psych had reschedule our appointment for tomorrow, which means I have to leave early. Yuck. It is supposed to be ridiculously hot but I guess the south is HOTTER than us so I can’t complain too much. I need to leave early so I can get my lab work done. I really didn’t want to go out as I knew I was going to get wet and I would sweat. I got my stuff together. The trouble was, finding a waterproof bag as I didn’t have one. I found a plastic type bag. I thought of taking my journals but I knew they would get wet and I hate wet books. I left them behind. I also couldn’t bring my headphones so had to get my earbuds. All these decisions before coffee.

As I was walking to the bus stop, my sister drove by and offered me a ride and I took it! She dropped me off in front of my barbers. My barber wasn’t in yet. I told the barber that was there, I was going to get some java and then I will be back. I had a donut while waiting for my espresso. I get it over “light” ice. Everyone has their own definition of “light”. The barista today just gave me enough to keep it cold. I asked for a little more and got just that. I poured my soy and the container leaked more soy all over the place than in my cup. I laughed. I went back to the barbers.

My barber came after a few minutes and he had his son with him. A very cute three year-old. He cut my hair and we chatted. Then I left for the bus but I just missed the bus and had to wait nearly an hour for the next one. I must have taken like 10 steps from the door of the shop when my ankle flared up. Fuck. I hobbled to the T to a bench. I sat for a bit. Took my hat off and then took a selfie. I posted it when the bus came. I grabbed my coffee and went to the bus that would take me close to home. It wasn’t until I was waiting for the bus home that I realized I left my hat at the bus depot. Do’h!!! It was pouring so I held my umbrella when the wind picked up. If it got worse, I was going to lose the umbrella as I hate fight it in the wind. I rather get wet. I gave directions to someone that stopped and then the bus came.

My ankle kept going in and out on me as I walked the block home. It was trash day so I put the barrels in the driveway. One had some water in it, making it heavy to move. I dumped out the water. I got home and my ankle just was not happy. My legs were feeling like cement. I want a shower. I took a breakthrough med and waited for it to kick in. My t-shirt was wet and the AC made me really cold. It was now or never in the shower. Bad move. My legs were awful after the shower. I still hadn’t had anything to eat except the donut.

I couldn’t cook. I wanted to make steak and cheese sub. It will have to be another day. I ordered Mexican food. Tacos and taquitos. OMG it was so fricken good. I couldn’t finished all of them. I saved one taco and one taquito. I then went up to my room to rest. Legs have never been this bad. I am used to my ankle being a bitch but legs, both of them, being so sore is not something I am used to. Also my left knee seems to act up while having my legs out. It was bothering me when I woke. I was in a fetal position so not sure why it hurt.

I wish I didn’t have to go out tomorrow. It is going to be yucky. I am trying to drink a lot so I am not dehydrated. I don’t want there to be difficulty finding my veins. I also need to drink a lot so that I can possibly pee so I can give a urine sample. I hate urine retention so bad.

I am trying to massage my legs to get the soreness out of them. I am supposed to go downstairs for my nephew’s birthday but I hurt too much. My sister told me about three hours before the time. Thanks, sis. I am not the uncle or anything. I am so tired of being the last to know about these things. Oh well. I texted my nephew already. I just want to stay in my bed. This going out on consecutive days sucks.

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