PT and where to go from there

PT and where to go from there

So PT killed me afterwards. Because the daft pain docs want more, my lovely PT recommended a functional program. Which is more than what she can offer me. I talked with her about it as I was anxious. I cannot stand being out of the house more than 3 hours and the program meets a few times a week for 6. It is multidisciplinary. I asked her what the goal would be as everyone wants me to try this but I am scared I’ll get kicked off disability if I am “too well”. She said it was more managing my flares better and other stuff I don’t remember. I’ll hear back from her within a week from the lady that runs it and try it. It doesn’t work oh well.
I am flared. Ankle was at least a 6 when I got there. Now a 12. She worked on my thigh so that is bothering me too. Heat is bad. Just waiting to cool off. I am out of breakthrough meds until tomorrow, I hope. Hugging my AC and then decide what I want for supper. I decided to order Mexican because I am in love with taquitos. I like the tacos from this place as well, even though it is overpriced. But it is good so I’ll deal.

I am kind of nervous about this functional program. It is down the street from me so not far from where I live. I just don’t want to commit to it and then not be able to do it or be forced to stay. I also need it to work around my other appointments. When my therapist comes back, I will be meeting him twice a week. I then have my psych appt every two weeks or so. It just seems like a lot and it is overwhelming me. I am trying not to think about it because I know that it will be a few weeks before the process goes through. I still need to get a note from the doc for it, after my PT talks to the coordinator.

My ankle is being such a brat. It was hurting most of the day and only got worse when I got home. I went to grab something on my bed and the movement sent shockwaves to my ankle. I got to wait it out as there is nothing I can take for it, other than possibly Ativan. I am wicked tired so I don’t know if I will stay up to listen to the game. They are back in Boston. I always say I don’t know yet somehow I do because I just got to know if they win or lose. Finding out the next day is not as fun as finding out the end of the 9th inning. The sun pretty much baked me and stole all of my energy. I bought Pike for the Keurig. I am running low on coffee. If I make it through this month, I will need to put extra funds for Starbucks. I only do that so I can get points toward a reward. I think I can get the rewards I bought at Walgreens but I am not sure. I have to look it up in the app.

any thoughts?

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