Luke Combs has a hold over me

Luke Combs has a hold over me

Yesterday, all I did while I was traveling throughout Boston, was listening to Luke Combs deluxe album. Past hour or so, I had a song running through my head. Just a few words but I couldn’t figure out what song it was. I had to wait for it to play out. That is how songs start in my head. A few words start playing over and over and then a few more and then I have the chorus or enough to figure out what song it is. I knew it was Luke but wasn’t sure which song as there are two that I have been listening to lately and they have the same kind of beat. The song tonight was Must have never met you. So now it is on repeat. Love this song!

Last night when I went to turn on the radio for the game, it wouldn’t turn on. I checked the plug, the strip, the radio and all checked out. I took out the plug and put it in another socket and it worked. The outages that I had last week during the storms must have tripped something and now it doesn’t work. It is pretty old and I wanted to replace it. I had a power strip I wanted to use. I didn’t realize when I bought it the cord was 2 feet. It was too short to reach where I had to put it. I went in my office and found one. It was fancy, at the time, with a lot of connection types, including phone. This was back when dial up was still in use.

So today I when I got up and had lunch, I started clearing off my nightstand as I had to move it to get to the plug behind it. I had started clearing last night but my damn ankle wanted no part. I couldn’t weight bear due to the flare I was in. Took me about 45 minutes to clear it as I kept having to take breaks. I then dusted after everything was off as well as the back of the nightstand. There was a crap load of dust. I couldn’t reach the stuff that was on the floor behind the nightstand. I just move it enough to remove the plug. Then I spent another 20 minutes finding the screws for power strip to mount it on the wall. The holes were further apart than the broken one. I carefully measured to make sure it would fit and wouldn’t fall. I don’t unplug what is plug in often so it should be stable. There was one screw that I had to go through drywall, which can easily come out over time. I hope it stays for now.

My mother made potatoes and hot dogs for dinner. When I came back to my room, my foot started hurting really bad. Just great. I was wondering when I was going to feel pain. Now I am. Going to be another long night. I knew I would be hurting. I can’t be doing stuff on my feet for a long time. I am glad I did what I did as my nightstand needed to be cleaned and dusted. It also needed to be a little better organized. I have put my pills and stuff in a basket and other stuff sorted, like my lotion and pens. Also pad of paper because it seems I can never find one when I need to jot something down. So annoying. I just need to find the notebook I need to start the goodbye letters. I didn’t do it today. Tomorrow looks more promising.

any thoughts?

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