did a lot of little things

Did a lot of little things

I woke up around noon. I had decided to make something to eat. Then I made coffee. I used my sister’s Keurig but she didn’t have sugar so I had to bring the cup back upstairs. I was using my BFF’s mug, which my mother had thrown in the dishwasher. This caused some of the personal message to some off a little. After I was finished with it, I just washed it out so my mother didn’t wreck it. I am sad this happened as the mug means so much to me as it came from a dear friend.

After I finished my coffee, I decided to shower. I shaved my head and nicked my ear. With the amount of blood, you would have thought I cut my ear off. OMG. I tried to stop it but I had to hop in the shower and knew the clot would wash off. I would clean it up after my shower. After I dried off, I clenched the little cut and then put a bandaid on it.

I went upstairs and read for a bit. I read The Poe Shadow. It is a book by Matthew Pearl, the first book I ever read by him. I just bought his newest book, the Dante Chamber and his older one, The Dante Club. I don’t know if they are a series as the Club came out before the Poe Shadow. I will find out if I ever read them.

After I read, I tried looking for the notebook I wanted to write my goodbye notes. I couldn’t find a blank one so I just decided to use the one that I had. It had enough pages for what I needed it for. I haven’t started writing yet. I might start tonight. I have no idea what to say. This is why I extended my time, for now. I got about 20 or so letters to write.

I got to stop using the dumb stupid facebook app. All I do all day is hide shit. Ads, old posts, stuff I don’t care about like people going to events. I really don’t care that my friend in Arkansas is attending an event there. Good for her. It is not so bad on the laptop but I still get ads. I have reported them as spam as most of the “sponsored ad” is all letters. Like what the fuck. Then Facebook comes back saying they reviewed my report but didn’t see anything that violated their policy. Okay. It has diagrams of the male penis. That is okay?? I am just done. Time to move on. Wish I could stay on Twitter but there is just political shit about the dickhead in office and his cronies that are dumber than dumb.

I had another talk with my mother and she said that she didn’t ask the doctor because she “didn’t want to look like an addict”. I was angry and hurt because what does she think about me? I texted my sister and she just started yelling at me. I said fine, when she is home and has no meds, don’t come crying to me. They are putting their “trust” in the doctor doing the right thing. Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I am locking up my meds when my mother is home. She will be going to rehab first but when she comes home, I will start locking up. Just to protect myself. I don’t care anymore. They didn’t listen when I told them to. They will find out soon enough. They don’t think I am right. OK. When she is in pain and can’t get meds, we’ll see.

I cooked dinner. Just heated up some ribs. It was so good. My niece ate with us. She likes ribs. Now I am going to listen to the radio for a bit and read some more. Maybe I can get through this book by this weekend. I got PT on Monday. Not looking forward to it. I have been bad doing my exercises. It is just going to be a discharge date anyway so I am not too worried about it. I hope to hear from her tomorrow about the functional program. I still haven’t heard anything. Kind of on the edge of wanting to know and then not really caring. I am just afraid that things will become hectic for me with going a few times a week, having therapy twice a week, and then seeing my psychiatrist. That is a lot.

I am tired. I have done a lot between showering and making dinner. Also stressing over my mother which, according to my sister, is silly at this point. Still it makes me mad that I am not being heard and am perceived as an “addict” by my own mother. I told a friend of mine that to avoid this, I will go in the hospital to force my sisters to deal with her. I want no part of her rehab just because I am home and don’t work. If they think that because I am home, I have to take care of her, they are wrong. I won’t do it.

any thoughts?

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