Lazy Friday

Lazy Friday

I had a hard time sleeping. I was feeling really achy and couldn’t get comfortable. Around 7 I decided to take my morning meds early so I could sleep. I slept till noon. I wanted coffee and made some. I then made something to eat. I kind of overcooked my eggs as I didn’t have a very yolky yolk. It was still good.

I went back to my room. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I wanted steak and burgers. I also wanted to try a new drink at Starbucks. I left around 1430 to catch the bus to the Square. As the bus was approaching, my sister walked by. We exchanged hellos and then I got on the bus. I ordered my drink on my mobile app so it was ready when I got there. I didn’t like it. It was an iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato. It had too much cinnamon. I am not a cinnamon person. I drank what I could and then I dumped it. I should have changed it to another drink but I wanted to get my things and go home.

I went to the butcher shop for the meat. Then I went across the street to the grocery store. I got bacon and some burger buns. I wanted to get Irish butter but they didn’t have it. I paid for my things and just caught the bus as it was pulling up when I got there. Score.

My mother made fish for dinner. It was big piece and my mother didn’t have real lemon, just the stuff in the bottle. She should have told me to buy some when I was out. I rather have real lemon than the fake stuff. I wasn’t crazy about the fish because it was too big. I like thin pieces. It was still okay.

My PT left me a message about the functional pain program. Looks like things can be adjusted to my needs and things can be worked out. I was happy to hear this, though I still not sure how I am going to work all this out while under the midnight demons that come out at night that make me feel really suicidal. Today was supposed to be the day I was to end it. Now the date has been pushed to another day. I’m trying not to “split” so to speak where one part of me acts in the dark and the other projects a “happier” version of me. My mother is having surgery next week. I won’t be going to the hospital because I just can’t sit around for a few hours. She will spend a few days in the hospital and provided no complications happen, go on to rehab. She told me that I am to send out some bills when they come in, and then go to the bank when my check comes in. My sister was there when she was talking and I asked what was what and my sister was like “don’t you know”? I was like no because I don’t use that bank. She then asked why don’t I have a bank around here and all this other shit. Whatever. Like it is her business, not mine. So annoying.

any thoughts?

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