Busy day

Busy day

My cousin called me around noonish wanting to know if I still needed to go to Stop and Shop. I said I did. I only had to pick up a few things. My mother also wanted me to return the bottles and can for recycles. I get there and there is an elderly man that thinks he owns the place. He fended me off the first plastics machine. I just went to the cans and started putting them in. He was done with the plastics so I started putting in what I had and switched when I needed to. Then he comes over wanting to use the machine. I wouldn’t mind but there were two other machines!! He then opens the door to the bins (which were nowhere near full and left the door open. I look at the thing to see if there was something wrong with the machine and there wasn’t. I closed the door, kind of guarding my can machine so he wouldn’t get the ticket. It was hot as hell in the little room as there was no air. I was sweating bullets and was starting to get soaked. I was working as fast as I could to get the hell out of there. I collected my tickets, then went to the store.

I went to the fruit section because I wanted some watermelon. I like getting the pre-cut fruit so I don’t have to do it. Yup, I am lazy. But it was way expensive for a little container. I would be better off buying the melon and cutting it up myself (which I have no idea how to do without destroying it). I then went to the deli to get some cold cuts. I asked for a third of a pound of salami and I think I got like more than half. It was a huge pile of salami! Glad it doesn’t go bad right away. I will be having salami sandwiches for a while! I then got a little other things. I wanted some cookies so got some Chip Ahoy thins. They are okay. I’m not crazy about them. I stayed away from Oreos because I can eat the whole thing in one sitting with a glass of milk. I paid for my things and then cashed in the tickets for the cans and bottles. I got $5.40. whoohoo!

My cousin was done with his thing so took me home. I told him about the creepy elderly man. He said I should have called him. What was he going to do?? I came home and put the things away. I must have sat on my bed for at least 15 minutes when my cousin called me again. Why was his mother going to see my mother again. UM, I have no fucking clue! I called my sister and she said she was bringing my mother some food. My mother hasn’t been eating because the food sucks. I decided to go with her and the lunatic to see my mother. I haven’t seen her since last week. I didn’t wear my AFO just some sandals. I knew that was risky but it was too hot to wear socks and sneakers. I am glad I did because my mother’s room was stuffy. The AC wasn’t too powerful. I think it was cooler outside than inside!

I came home but wasn’t hungry. It was med time. I took my night meds and I am really tired. Ball game is going on and we are winning so far. Last night we won. The Snakes lost because their catcher was stupid. HAHA today they placed him on the DL. I forget what for. He isn’t a fast runner but he apparently was even slower than usual which cost them the game. I want to listen to the game but I really should try and sleep, even though it is early. I know if I don’t try, I will get overtired and then be up all night. I am already trying to plan my day tomorrow because I have to do some errands for my mother, which means leaving earlier than usual. It is also going to be hot. I need a shower and also shave my head again. I saw the pic of when I was last at the barbers. My hair was very close to my head. Now it isn’t at all. Looks like I haven’t been to the barber in months. I am trying to grow the top out. I don’t know if I can keep up the shaving once it grows out. It is already getting hard to shave in the back. I am just going by feel.

I need to wash clothes tomorrow. The hamper is getting pretty full. I hope I can manage it. I got to wash my mother’s sheets that my sister took off the bed. They have been sitting on the floor for a while. I have been meaning to throw them in the washer but I got to take off the pans that are on top of the washer. It is a pain in the ass.

any thoughts?

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