Saturday Blog 8 Sept 18

Saturday Blog 8 Sept 18

I didn’t know if I would write a blog today. I slept kind of later than I liked so I didn’t bake. Then I had dinner at my sister’s, which was a couple hours after having breakfast. My stomach is killing me for whatever reason. My sister just used lemon on the turkey breast but I could have sworn I tasted garlic somewhere. Garlic always upsets my stomach really bad. I like the flavor but the actual clove kills me.

I wanted to read my book for an hour or two after I took my night meds but I procrastinated. I got inundated with text messages. My ex texted me. Lately she has been doing that if something has progressed with her MS. And it did, she is no longer walking. She also will be visiting Boston with her neighbor to see another friend that is doing some conference in November. I honestly do not want to see her. She is not the person I fell in love with. She had lied to me the whole time we were together so I really have no intentions of seeing her.

Sox lost. People are saying they are playing a “real” team now and that is why we are losing. I don’t understand that mentality as even when we played the O’s we lost so how does that work?? My Buckeyes won. Rutgers finally scored in the fourth quarter to avoid a shutout. This was the Buckeyes 900th win. I wish Meyer was there but rules are rules. He is currently suspended and I have no opinion on the matter so I will leave it at that.

I didn’t sleep well. I woke up around midnight because I was cold. Then I woke up four hours later because I was hot. I put the AC on 68 so I wouldn’t get cold again. By then it was too late to do anything. I will bake tomorrow! I don’t care what time, even if it is in the evening. I want some cake. I just hope the frosting comes out okay. I don’t like making frosting as I tend to fuck it up. I might make the yellow cake as well. I have a busy week ahead so I really don’t want to push myself. Last night I was really trying to avoid a flare. My ankle is kind of hurting right now but it isn’t too bad.

My BFF’s son got married last weekend and she just shared her grandsons’ pictures. OMG I just died. They are so damn cute. It melts my heart seeing them all dressed up with smiles on their faces. The bride was so beautiful. I am waiting for the rest of the pics of everyone. I really hope I can go see them one day. I think it would be awesome. I had sent the boys and their father Red Sox hats. An uncle has to do what an uncle has to do!

any thoughts?

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