it’s Midnight and I woke up with heartburn

It’s midnight and I woke up with heartburn

I don’t know why they call it heartburn when it really is your esophagus burning. Anyway, I woke up with it and I had it most of the day, severe gastritis that at one point had me sitting down from the pain. It was awful and I have no idea why. I just had two eggs and toast, something I have had many times. I think I put too much pepper on it. Then I had orange juice and I think that did me in. I have been taking Mylanta most of the day. I had to take Miralax to shit. I can’t remember the last time I went. I know I didn’t go Friday or Saturday so I had to go today. My mother’s stomach was bothering her too. I think it was because she was constipated as well. I told her she could take some Miralax but she said she didn’t want the shits. Fine, be constipated then.

I have been in a mood most of the day. I Saturday I made Keto pizza. It was alright. I don’t think I will make it again. My mother didn’t like it, at all. I still haven’t made the burgers I bought. I made chili cornbread casserole today but because my stomach was a mess, I didn’t eat it. I didn’t think spicy would be good. I am upset over this because I really fricken wanted it! That was the whole purpose of me making it! I am going to give it to my barbers.

I got to go to the doctors tomorrow. I have a lump on my foot. It is a lump my PT has been trying to get down but icing it and exercises haven’t been helping it. Yesterday, I could hardly walk. The lump is down now. I have been taking pictures of it. There still is a little lump and it hurts to walk. I have no idea what the fuck I did. I hope I get an early morning appointment because I don’t want to wait around all day. I might have to forgo my espresso if I still have stomach problems later today. I hope my meds aren’t causing it. I don’t think the Prevacid is working anymore. I really don’t want to see a gastroenterologist. All they want to do is put things down your throat. No thanks. I’ve never been scoped and I like to keep it that way. I know they knock you out good but I am just scared I will wake up in the middle of the procedure and freak out. I hope this doesn’t mean no more coffee. I will be so sad!!

I’m going to try and go back to bed now. I hope I can sleep. I haven’t had much to eat because my stomach is a wreck. Wish I had come rice. Looks like I might be on a bland diet for a few days until my stomach calms down.

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