On phone blog: darkness has returned

I’ve been down since last night. With not knowing how my allergic reaction was going to go, I asked my mother to check on me before she went to bed. I was still up when she came upstairs. She didn’t check on me and I felt so hurt. I really think I don’t matter to her anymore. She just expects me to give her half my check for the mortgage and that is all. Maybe go to the store for her for a few things but that is it.

I wish I had a car so I could leave. I would just drive off and not sure where I would go. I just feel like no one cares in my own family. My sister just expects me to go up and down the stairs like they are nothing. I am tired of being used essentially. They only call or talk if they have a problem or need something to be done.

I feel so down. Going to tell my mother no party this year for my birthday. Fuck them. My day so I don’t want to be around them. Maybe I will have a virtual party with my online friends. That will be cool.

I haven’t done anything today but stay on bed. I really haven’t felt well. I had to take some benadryl because my throat was feeling funny. That made me tired so I just stayed in bed all day. I woke up around 2 freezing. I don’t know why. It was 22 degrees out but I had a long sleeve shirt and blanket on. I put on a heavier shirt and my heavier Red Sox throw. Woke up a few hours later sweating. Can’t win. I should open my window so I can get some air. I just don’t feel like moving stuff to get to the window.

I have therapy tomorrow. I sent him the link to my blog and now I regret it. I didn’t think. Oh well, maybe he won’t think to read it that often. I got off about him a lot here. Hate to think my space for venting is now compromised.

I wanted to make coffee using the Keurig but decided not to. Then I found out my sis bought a k-cup holder. Shit. I bought her one, too. If she doesn’t want it, I will just return it.

I never showered today. I never had the energy to do it. Maybe tomorrow. I bought some new soaps from a friend that makes them. Both are made with goat milk. One is lavender and the other is rose clay. Smells so awesome. My mother took the hand spray shower head out so now we have a regular shower head. Boring. But I think it will be better. My mother always gets what she wants. I just hope she keeps the seat clear, or i will fight her on it. I need the seat because I sometimes do need to sit while showering.

I am so tired and feeling shitty. Was talking to a friend last night. She kind of got on my nerves because she is so interested in my transition and how my mother is taking it. None of her damn business. I don’t know why I tell her. My mother doesn’t know I am taking hormones. She doesn’t need to.

That is the other thing. My sisters haven’t asked one thing how it is going. They still don’t use the right pronouns. They will call me G at least. But if my mother doesn’t get it, they will say my birth name. I am so frustrated with it all. I rather be fucking dead. Just can’t handle another depression and my family not accepting me as me. I’m so tired of it. Tired of being in pain, too. Just want to end it.

any thoughts?

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