payback from energy burst

Payback from energy burst

Last night I was wired. The energy I felt continued and I stayed up till about 3 watching videos of news reports. I usually don’t but want to keep up with Cheeto’s investigation. I am now paying for it because, while I was energized, I broke down some boxes that I had around my room. I had no where to put them so just kept them on the floor. I just brought them downstairs, which was tricky because my mother had my washed clothes on the fucking stairs, thus creating a damn tripping hazard for me. I fucking hate when she puts shit on the stairs, especially the last few steps.

The weather shot up to over 60 degrees today so I got a migraine when I woke up. I had a slight headache and when I went downstairs to make a cup of coffee, I started to get nauseous. I took my meds right away as I knew if I waited, the longer the headache and nausea was going to last. And I really didn’t want to puke up my coffee.

I haven’t done much today. I chatted with a friend for a bit. I wanted to make breakfast burritos but my damn heel is hurting and is causing my ankle to hurt as it compensates for the pain. My TG doc’s secretary called me and I see my new pcp in two weeks. I canceled the appointment with the chickenshit one. Hopefully he will take over prescribing my pain meds otherwise, I am going to be screwed. I will need a refill by then. My TG doc hasn’t gotten back to me about changing dose and I am to have the shot tomorrow so I guess it will stay the same. We didn’t talk about what she will increase it by so I rather stay the same until she tells me otherwise.

I wanted to write something last night, anything, to calm the nervous energy I was feeling. I had a flare but I think the energy was masking the pain. My legs were really sore today, too. I just didn’t know what to write. Nothing was coming to my brain about a story or anything and now that I can think straight, I realized I could have written the story I had outlined that has been circling about the last three or so years. I have no idea where the notebook is for the page I wrote when trying to start. It was difficult as I felt like I was reliving the story. I really didn’t get too far as I just wrote a little and then had to stop because I was overwhelmed. I have no idea if I will be able to do this. Even writing the outline took me back to what things were back then. I know this sounds weird but I can’t say more than that.

I wanted to shower today. But my feet hurt and I know if I tried, I would pay so I didn’t. I wanted to shave my head at least but I still have nicks on my head and a scratch on my forehead from when I sort of lost control of the razor while going around my ear. It was messy. I still have a small chunk of my ear missing. Ugh. Tempted to let it be and then see the barber in three weeks. I still need to make him his favorite dish but I haven’t been able to get the ingredients as I haven’t been to the store. I might go tomorrow if I am feeling somewhat normal. I will just grab the grocery store meat rather than the butcher as I don’t want to be going all over the place. It will wear me out and then I won’t do shit. I still want to make my cookies so we’ll see what gets made if I am feeling up to it. I think my mother wants me to go to the bank as her bank book was where I usually grab it when I go out. But there was no way in hell I was going out in the sun with a damn migraine. The bright light might have triggered it when I opened my bedroom door. I am so photosensitive it isn’t funny. One of the many reasons I hate going to the eye doctors.

Because of the Amazon app uninstall/reinstall bullshit, I now have a shit ton of duplicate songs on my storage media. I now know where the files are kept thanks to the music app that I thought was messing up the files/music to begin with. But now I got to go through each artist’s folder and see which is duplicate and which is not. I have like 3 cry pretty files and not sure which one to delete because I have or at least had, all my music in one particular folder on my external card. UGH I am so annoyed and it is going to take a lot of fucking time to get this right and not delete something accidently because I don’t know if I can get it back. I was able to at least get rid of duplicates for one album so I am happy about that. I wish there was a way to see in the app where the file is and then delete it but it involves going back and forth, which is a pain in the ass. I really blame that stupid customer service person for not telling me it was going to fuck up my music folder if I did what she asked. And all Amazon was able to do was say, oops sorry. Shitheads.

any thoughts?

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