shitty week

Shitty week

This week has been the roughest I have had in a while. Monday night I had pain that drove me crazy. I did not get any sleep, except for maybe an hour and half. I went to PT and then hoped I would crash when I got home. This wasn’t meant to be. I had taken a lot of magnesium during the night so my bowels were off. I tried sleeping but couldn’t settle down. Ativan had lost it’s magic. It calmed me down but I just could not sleep. I think between my left ankle and right heel pain, my brain was fried and couldn’t shut off. I had ordered some melatonin as I was desperate. I was up almost 40 hours before I finally got more than 2 hours sleep. Wednesday I tried to sleep most of the day but couldn’t really. I would sleep for 4 or 5 hours and then be up. My appetite was shot. I had only one meal a day, if that. Tuesday night my mother had made hamburgers that were really greasy. My stomach got all bloated and I was having reflux. I took two dose of Mylanta to settle it but the gas persisted into Thursday. Mylanta contains magnesium so the two doses caused another episode of the runs. I swear the next time I am backed up, I am just going to take magnesium.

Wednesday night I finally had decent sleep. I was wicked hungover yesterday and my brain hurt so much. I felt dizzy and my head just felt all cloudy. When I took the Lamictal last night, the head stuff and dizziness went away. So today I am splitting the tablets, taking half in the morning and half at bedtime. So far, I haven’t felt dizzy so I think I was having slight withdrawal from the stupid med! I had done a ton of switching to find out what med was causing this and when I figured it out, I was aggravated. I emailed my psych today to tell her. I also asked for an appointment because we don’t have one on the books since I cancel whenever I was supposed to see her. I honestly have no clue when I was supposed to see her. Everything is blurred as the days just melted into one another. I missed writing my blog but I was having a hard time trying to focus. The stuff I posted on social media, I don’t remember half of it (see yesterday’s post). I know I was long winded. But I have been having internet problems so I didn’t want to use my laptop. And my phone’s connections kept going from wifi to my phone’s data. It is driving me nuts. I spoke with my company and I might need a new modem as this one is “old” even though I have had it for about two years now.

Last night I had my first meal since Tuesday night. All I had Wednesday was a protein bar from what I remember. I didn’t want to eat anything because I didn’t want the gas and reflux to come back. The reflux was so bad that I had woken up one of the nights with a burning in my esophagus. It was so bad, it inflamed it causing me to think something was stuck in my throat. The feeling finally dissipated sometime yesterday.

I lost track of my transition but my facial hair is getting more defined though still not around my face. Just my sideburns, goatee area (with a space) and my mustache. My breasts have shrunk thankfully. I haven’t had much time to think about top surgery. I am still thinking about it on my back burner for now.

There is going to be some changes in my living situation by the end of the month. My sister unfortunately for evicted because the owner is selling the house. Rent is not cheap in my area and first, last, and deposit are ridiculously expensive. She would need at least eight grand to live in a place. So my nephew and sis will be here. I am losing my office space, which I am not happy about but my mother is being stubborn about giving up space in the living room. When I talked with my sisters, the office was going to be a storage space. I went to the store and when I came back, it is being turned into a bedroom, which I don’t know how as a twin mattress can barely fit in there. My sister is thinking it will. Good luck because there won’t be too much room once it is in there! I just hope they aren’t noisy as lately when I get into a flare or am slightly tired, like I am now, sound affects me big time. Just listening to my mother’s TV hurts my head. The kitchen TV is the worst as sound travels throughout the house. If I didn’t have to keep an ear out for my mother, I would use ear plugs. I might use them at dinner as I don’t think I can handle the fucking TV today.

My CRPS foot has been awful all week. I’ve tried everything I could. I finally emailed my PT to find out about the TENS unit my neuro ordered. She (PT) had said some guy comes to the office to show people how to use them. The lady that works with him called today and because they don’t take my insurance due to low reimbursements, I will have to pay out of pocket. I emailed my PT to see if there is another place that accepts my insurance and asked if the Walgreens brand or brand name (forget who it is) is as good. They run much cheaper than the out of pocket cost. I might be able to get it off Amazon or something. I will wait to hear back from her. I wouldn’t be able to get it now anyways. Foot is constantly buzzing. I’ve had to use a compression sock but eventually it digs into me and I have to take it off. Luckily because I have been so immobile last few days, I haven’t been in super pain. Heel is still an asshole. I bought a new brace that is all Velcro to lace up. Wore it while having dinner. By the time I came back to my room, I had to take it off. It is really tight but the larger size was too large and I couldn’t get it on properly. It help my heel pain a little though, so maybe I just need to break it in. I have chubby ankles and of course these damn braces are made for skinny ones. Just a bias of the way everything and product thinks people are, skinny! Pisses me off.

any thoughts?

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