Saturday Blog 15062019

Saturday Blog 15062019

Microsoft word updated and I hate it. The things are now on top and below it are your recent documents. I am sort of getting used to now. But every time I open it, I am like WTF.

Today was the first day since Tuesday that I feel awake. I was up nearly 30 hours and slept most of Wed, Thurs, and Fri. Yesterday I couldn’t get going at all. I just felt so damn tired. I hardly ate the last few days and drank little. So today when I got up, I had coffee and then left to go to the grocery store to buy my Gatorade as I was down to my last bottle. I was stupid. It is hot out and I was already dehydrated. By the time I got to the store, I felt weak. I quickly did my shopping and left. I drank half a Powerade while waiting for the bus. Some guy sat next to me and was on his phone. He then turned to me and asked where he could apply for a job. Seriously? How the fuck do I know?! The bus came and by the time I lugged the stuff up the stairs, I was toast. My stiff right calf muscle was hurting me. I rested a bit and then chatted with my nephew. I am kind of worried as he has these kind of grandiose ideas. I am not sure how he is going to go through with them. I support him no matter how hair brained they are. He needs to make and learn from his mistakes. I just hope he doesn’t get in way over his head.

After I finished talking with him, I then lugged the stuff up to my room. I collapsed on my bed and my right on cue, my ankle flared up big time. I took my meds and waited. I hadn’t had anything to eat at that point. I am out of pop tarts and the usual stuff I eat. I wasn’t able to buy groceries this month due to trying to catch up on bills. I was in the hospital anyway so couldn’t order them. By then it was too late as I had used my money for ordering Starbucks. One order they fucked up on by going to a different coffee place all together and I never got a full refund for the order.

Past two days, I have woken up with a sore throat. It gets better until I start talking and with my hard of hearing mother, goes out frequently. It still isn’t up to par right now. Today the soreness is still present. I am not sure if I got something or it is voice box changes. It happened two weeks ago when I had my last shot of T. It only lasted a day then. Hope it is better tomorrow but I did a lot of yelling as my mother couldn’t hear me otherwise.

I am so fricken exhausted. My pain levels are so high right now and I feel like I could just pass out. I am going to close here for now. Just hope I can sleep tonight without too much pain.

any thoughts?

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