one week post op

One week post op

I just had a shower to get rid of the hospital smell and to wash my growing hair that needs it. It has been a few days since I last washed it. My mother dried my back and she said I was hairy. She doesn’t get it. HAHA I thought she would know by now that I am on hormones seeing as I have facial hair but she isn’t making the connection and I am not going to enlighten her.

My groceries came today from a different vendor. I had my niece help bring them to my room as I couldn’t carry it. I am not supposed to be lifting anything but it is hard remembering. After the groceries were put away, I took a nap until my sister got into an argument with her daughter. I had no idea what the fuck they were arguing about. My niece left shortly thereafter, before I got into the shower. It was nice to shower but very tiring. I don’t think people realize just how tiring it is for people with chronic illness and pain to shower. I know my fellow pain sufferers understand this.

I plan on making a steak for dinner. Hopefully it will give me the protein and iron I need to get to feeling better and not so tired all the time. I also bought chili which I will have tomorrow with some tortillas. I love making a burrito with the chili and eating it like that. I wish I bought red potatoes. I would love a red potato salad right now, with oil and vinegar not mayo. I love a potato salad with oil and vinegar. It tastes so good. I like it with mayo too but will prefer oil and vinegar.

I read a chapter in my book. Seems I can read a chapter and then lose interest when it comes to an end. I want to finish reading the book as it is due in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if the library will be open by that time. Everything is still in lockdown with the virus. I haven’t kept up on the reports for how long it will be as I have been staying off Twitter with my recovery. It is hard to listen to all day long and about the rebellion of youngsters or even others who don’t care about themselves yet profess to care for others. The real trenches are the lab workers and assistants to get blood samples and other specimens processed. There are also the cafeteria workers and cleaning people that always seems to get missed in times like this. They do their job without opposition and they are often down cast but without them, trash would just be piling up and no one would eat in hospitals.

My sister was telling me that there were 50 nurses at the hospital I was at with the virus. I hope they recover and don’t die. I don’t know the age groups but sad to think that healthcare workers aren’t immune to this kind of stuff. Front line people. Makes me sad.

My other sister made beets. I was craving them so I am glad she made them. They were good. Just roasted them with salt and pepper. I wish I had ranch dressing to go with them but I don’t. The hospital where I was has good beets you eat at the salad bar. They are yummy with ranch dressing. I miss eating in the café. Maybe when all of this is over I will get some beets during one of my visits. I am going there next week to get my stitches out. I didn’t have OT or PT call me today. I found that kind of odd. The orders are there for them to see me but I think with the way the virus is, they are limiting people into homes. Sucks all around.

any thoughts?

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