tiring day despite weather being good

Tiring day despite weather being good

It is beautiful out today and my energy levels are crap. I had OT/PT come this morning and that wore me out. Then I had to go to the hospital to drop off a specimen for urine culture. I hope this is just my “new” bladder sensation and I don’t have a UTI. Every time I go cath though it feels like I am popping a balloon so something isn’t right. I hope I am just fatigued due to surgery and not an infection. Everything is shut down so I can’t even get a latte at Starbucks.

I am hurting so this blog is not going to be long. I need to lay down. I again didn’t sleep through the night because I woke up and was confused. I wasn’t in horrible pain and I didn’t know if I had to pee as there was no sensation but something woke me up. Maybe it was a bad dream, I don’t know. I waited a half hour and when nothing else happened, decided to cath and sure enough my bladder was full. I had emptied twice before sleeping so I don’t know why it filled so fast. Guess my kidneys are working pretty good. After I cathed, I decided to have a bowl of cereal as I was hungry. I finished off the box of cereal with a big bowl. I was really hungry because I finished it all. I haven’t been eating so good since coming home. I have to remember to eat or I just won’t because appetite isn’t there. I try to have at least one Ensure a day to make sure my calories are over a 1000. My sister made beets last night and I had them for a late lunch. It was so good. I should have warmed them but they tasted ok cold.

While I was at the hospital I sat down on the bench a little harder than I thought and hurt my back hip. I took some pain meds when I came home as I haven’t had any all day yet. I was doing okay pain wise until that snafu. I want a burger so I might order Five Guys tonight. It has been a long time since I had one from them. I will get a vanilla shake, too. It tastes wonderful. I really love the shakes more than the burgers LOL.

I am almost done with my library book I borrowed. I think I will try and finish it tonight. There are only a few more chapters left. I think it will be the only book I have read this year. I don’t think I have a reading challenge going because my brain has been so wonky with the depression and stress of surgery. Hard to believe March is almost over with. Like where has three months gone?? I heard they are keeping schools closed until May. That really sucks. Hope the kids stay at home and are not abused or neglected because of their parents hands. I am sure it is stressful. My mother embarrassed me today and it sucked. She saw that my ear was red so she had a PT look at it but there was nothing wrong with the fucking thing. It gets red sometimes and I don’t know why. Then she used the wrong pronoun to address me which threw the PT/OT off as they couldn’t believe it. I hate it when she does this shit. Makes me so mad but there is nothing I can do about it. Yelling at her isn’t going to change her mind about anything.

any thoughts?

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