writing that stopped

Writing that stopped

I started writing something that I wished to submit somewhere. It had to be 200 words, which seemed easy enough. However, finding the 200 words in a coherent manner proved to be elusive. I might scrap what I wrote and start over. I have the title though, which I will keep.

My voice (writing) has been shaky the past few days. I just haven’t been able to find words. I don’t really know why. I have been really tired the past few days as I have been resting my back. It has helped decrease the spasms I have been experiencing. I guess I really needed to rest. I still am feeling exhausted despite the day time napping I have been doing. I hardly talk to no one during the day. The only time I get to really talk to someone is my therapist for 45 minutes but even then that has been hard to do. There are so much non talking during that time and I know it annoys my therapist when I don’t talk. I just don’t have much to say.

The pharmacy hasn’t filled my steroid prescription because it needs clarification from the doctor. I called the office today to tell them. I figure this way it would speed things along but the prescription still isn’t ready. I probably won’t get it until Tues as Monday is a holiday. Shit I just remembered that. Oh well, it is out of my hands.

It is really warm today. My room is 80 degrees and it is 82 outside. I hate the heat. I hope it cools off when the sun goes down. I have a family zoom meeting today. I hope my bladder settles down. I’ve been having urgency urinating the past few hours. I put on a tank top because it is lighter than a t-shirt. Saves me from accidently leaving my room naked. I long for the day where I can be bare chested and not have to wear a t-shirt or tank top.

My nephew made dinner tonight. He made a garlic chicken penne. It was good but my stomach doesn’t like garlic. I am hurting big time right now. I took some antacids to help quiet it down. Gastritis pain is not really worth it but I was hungry.

any thoughts?

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