disturbed sleep and back pain

Disturbed sleep and back pain

I woke up around 6 am with back pain. I had to pee and getting up was so difficult when it hurts to move. After I used the bathroom, I sent a message to my pcp about seeing if he would increase the dose of my pain meds. I had enough and if he doesn’t then he doesn’t. I asked and it will be the last time I do ask for an increase. I told him I have arachnoiditis, a painful nerve condition that could be causing all this back pain. I haven’t gotten a response yet.

I have been feeling pretty sick most of the day. My head hurts and I am really tired because of the disrupted sleep caused by pain. I had woken up at midnight to pee but was able to get back to sleep right away. It is cold in my room and I love it. I think, though, it is why my back keeps flaring up. The chill in the air might be causing spasms I am not aware of. But I will take the coldness over the warm. I am under blankets so I am nice and toasty. I love being under blankets when it is cold out. Reminds me of my childhood as I didn’t have a radiator in my room. I just had a lot of blankets on top of me to stay warm.

My hair is getting so long. I think barbershops are going to open next week so I might be able to get a haircut. I hope so. I can’t stand my hair. I got to text my barber and see when he will be opening his shop. I can’t wait to get a bald fade again.

My left foot (CRPS) is a block of ice right now so I just put on thermal socks. I hate it when my foot gets that cold. It is so fricken painful, like having your foot in ice water. Then when it warms up, it burns so I get no relief. I hate nerve pain more than physical pain. Least with physical pain, I can try and control it but nerve pain doesn’t have that same sense of control because nerve pain medications aren’t that precise.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my neurosurgeon. I will find out what he plans on doing for me to relieve the headaches and head pressure. My vision has returned to normal so I am grateful for that. It was getting me down that I couldn’t read because my vision was all blurry. Hope it stays normal.

any thoughts?

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