Saturday Blog 10102020

Saturday Blog 10102020

I slept most of the day. I was up at 230 again to pee and I had a hard time getting back to sleep. I have been so tired. My back has been cramping up most of the evening. I wanted to go food shopping but never got around to it. I figured taking care of my back was more important than shopping. I also wanted to drop my recycling off in the bins but I never made it downstairs. I will try and do it tomorrow.

I got my mail in ballot the other day. I still have to go to the mailbox to drop it off. I was going to go today but I fell asleep. I will try tomorrow. My legs have been feeling weak lately and I know it is because I am not doing much activities like I used to do. All this virtual stuff is really hindering my recovery. I have virtual PT on Thurs. I might cancel it because I hate it. I rather go in person. I am only having to have virtual for the first two appointments because my sister is positive for Covid.

I finished Medical Bondage by Deirdre Cooper Owens. It was a grueling book. I found it terrible that white male physicians and surgeons would pretty much torture slave women and later Irish women because they were poor and didn’t know any better. They were treated like they were the same, low lifes that didn’t deserve proper treatment and respect to their dignity. It was horrendous to read about this but it was beautifully written. I am reading Women’s War by Stephanie McCurry and it has some of the same horrors that women faced in the Civil War south. I am almost done with the book and plan on reading UnTamed next.

I’ve let my beard grow. I haven’t been shaving for the past week or so. I have new hair growth on my chin that I want to see develop. I probably won’t shave until next week. I want to see how much it grows in that span of time. I don’t want it to get unruly like I have let it go before. I want to shave it before it gets to that point.

The weather was nice today. I went on my porch for a little bit to catch some rays. I don’t stay out too long. It would have been nice if I went to the mailbox. I wish I had the energy to go. I was just so damn sleepy. I try not to sleep too long because it messes with my night time bed time but I slept pretty good. I swear I sleep better during day time hours than I do at night time hours. I don’t know why that is.

The Latuda has been working good for me the past week. I haven’t had any side effects but one which I need to talk to the pharmacist about. If it isn’t a side effect than my bladder is just being difficult. I am taking the Invega with it as my psychiatrist wants me to for right now. I am not taking 6 mg like I am supposed to but half that. I am not risking a double whammy of side effects because he didn’t feel comfortable stopping the Invega outright.

One thought on “Saturday Blog 10102020

  1. I’ve struggled with sleep too. Energies are intense right now. Something about Mars going retrograde? Not sure, my partner is the Astrology nerd.

    Keep going, be kind to yourself.

    Hope the meds continue to have no side effects


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