ramblings 7

I am totally wiped out doing nothing. I have been feeling low the past week or so and it just gets worse. I have a hard time motivating myself to get dressed or to take a shower. I just don’t feel like it. Today I wanted to make a pumpkin pie but I bought the wrong kind of pie crust. Least according to my mother I did. I am too lazy to go back to S&S to return it.

My foot has been aching since Friday. I don’t know why my foot always bothers me more on weekends than during the week. It also makes me just want to stay in bed and do nothing. I was able to write a story about my attempt this weekend. I am trying to write another paper about psychache and the assessment for it but I don’t think I have the energy for it and I hate it. I just can’t get my thoughts together about what I want to say in this paper, which is part of the problem and the other half of it is procrastination. Why I am procrastinating is puzzling. It’s not like I have a deadline for this. It is just a paper that I am writing for fun. I want to analyze about psychache and the assessments used for it, almost like a compare/contrast. Problem lies that my meds are making it difficult to concentrate on my paper and reading the articles supporting my argument. I hate taking meds affecting my thinking but I have no choice. It’s either take them or end up back in the nut house.

Disappointed the Pats lost due to one stinking point. They had the lead and they blew it to lose by one stinking point!! ARGH!!!!

In my baseball world, Detroit beat the Skankees 3 zip at home in the Bronx, taking a 2-0 ALDS lead. Sweet revenge having them lose at home. I hope Detroit continues to win and beat those overpaid bastards.

Moodwise I have been in a miserable mood. Mostly stemming from a bad relationship. But I’m over it. I just wish my heart can move on as quickly as my mind can.


I admit it, I am a baseball junkie. Anything to do with baseball and I am there. I have been watching all the post season games and tonight I am really nervous about the O’s game. I really don’t want the Evil Empire to win. I’m so nervous about it I can’t watch the game and though I usually keep track of Twitter, I have decided against it tonight. Because of the Skanks score first, that doesn’t bode well. If the O’s do, I will be happy. If not, it most likely will be the Tigers against NYY. I can’t stand to watch another post season with these over paid bastards. And I especially cannot stand to watch A-Rod play. He is so smug I just want to smack that smirk off his face sometimes. Nick Swisher is also another player I just cannot stand. He is just nasty…

And the O’s season comes to an end. I’m heartbroken because I thought they would be able to beat the Evil Empire but I guess being in the Bronx was too much for them.