ramblings 7

I am totally wiped out doing nothing. I have been feeling low the past week or so and it just gets worse. I have a hard time motivating myself to get dressed or to take a shower. I just don’t feel like it. Today I wanted to make a pumpkin pie but I bought the wrong kind of pie crust. Least according to my mother I did. I am too lazy to go back to S&S to return it.

My foot has been aching since Friday. I don’t know why my foot always bothers me more on weekends than during the week. It also makes me just want to stay in bed and do nothing. I was able to write a story about my attempt this weekend. I am trying to write another paper about psychache and the assessment for it but I don’t think I have the energy for it and I hate it. I just can’t get my thoughts together about what I want to say in this paper, which is part of the problem and the other half of it is procrastination. Why I am procrastinating is puzzling. It’s not like I have a deadline for this. It is just a paper that I am writing for fun. I want to analyze about psychache and the assessments used for it, almost like a compare/contrast. Problem lies that my meds are making it difficult to concentrate on my paper and reading the articles supporting my argument. I hate taking meds affecting my thinking but I have no choice. It’s either take them or end up back in the nut house.

Disappointed the Pats lost due to one stinking point. They had the lead and they blew it to lose by one stinking point!! ARGH!!!!

In my baseball world, Detroit beat the Skankees 3 zip at home in the Bronx, taking a 2-0 ALDS lead. Sweet revenge having them lose at home. I hope Detroit continues to win and beat those overpaid bastards.

Moodwise I have been in a miserable mood. Mostly stemming from a bad relationship. But I’m over it. I just wish my heart can move on as quickly as my mind can.

The 2012 Postseason (baseball)

Wednesday’s night game against the Skankees was horrible. The Sox couldn’t win and the Skanks didn’t even try to give them the game. After all the Bronx Bombers were after the AL East title. A Sad fact that they have won the last 13 of 17. These overpriced bastards just kill me. I didn’t watch the game from end to end. I stopped watching after Dice K gave up two homers in the same inning, giving the snakes a 5 zip lead. It was really pitiful. The tweet hashtag of the game was #SoLongSox. I am depressed because there is no more games of my favorite teams. I am now watching the other teams because baseball is my favorite sport of all time. I just can’t let it go because the home team is done for the season. I have to see how this ends and who wins the World Series.

Right now I am watching the Braves play the Cards. Braves are losing due to an error by their third baseman. I really don’t want the Cards to win. The Braves have not been to the world series in a long time but this year I am rooting for the Nationals, formerly known as the Montreal Expos. After two years as an American team, the Nats have made it to their first post season since 1933. I would really love for the Nats to play the O’s and for the Nats to win. You have to root for the NL team because the Sox are on the AL league, You can root for any team that plays the Skankees. It is the rule. The saying goes “I have two favorite teams, the _____ and whoever plays the Yankees”.

I am in my element tonight. I have two games tonight and tomorrow I have college football. I usually end up watching football all afternoon and evening. Tomorrow is going to be tough because my two favorite teams, the Buckeyes and the Huskers are playing each other. Who do you root for? Because I have been following the Huskers closer than the Buckeyes, I have to root for Nebraska. Why does this east coast guy root for a Midwest team? Easy. My best college friend is from Nebraska and I got to see them play in 1996 on New Year’s day and was so impressed with them, I just became a fan. Why Ohio? Because I want to go to grad school there. Not like being a fan will make me get into their PhD program, but the Buckeyes have always been winners in my book.

I can see it now…

The Red Sox have taken the lead and win the World Series…OOPS, wrong season wrong year. That is just a dream. The last game of the abysmal, heartbreaking, disappointing 2012 season will be played tonight, in the Bronx, against the mortal enemy, the New York Skankees. The Cowboys of 2003 are long gone. So are the Idiots of 2004. Sadly there is only one player of the former Red Sox Nation that is now a mortal enemy, Derek Lowe. Yes, Landsdowne Lowe is now in pinstripes. This 2012 season cannot get anymore depressing than that.

So go Orioles, BEAT those overpaid Bronx Bombers and win the World series against the Nationals. Least that is my dream for this year. The postseason will be interesting. The underdogs have risen above and will be playing the final games of the year. I will be depressed but always hopeful. As a faithful of Red Sox Nation, there is always next year.