Shepard’s Pie and other things

Shepard’s pie and other things

I’ve had a long day, and it started early this morning. The bus was late so I didn’t get to the station until after 0730. I got my espresso but wasn’t in the mood for eating anything. I then high tailed to the trains because there were delays. The station platform was crowded. Wonderful. I pretty much stood the whole way to my stop.

I got to my appointment a few minutes early. I was the only person in the waiting room for this doctor so I thought I would be in and out. Wrong. The doc was 40 minutes late because she got stuck in traffic. I wanted to leave but I needed a refill for my script. We talked and went over the history. She said she sent it to Walgreens and I still don’t see it, hours later. So I am hoping the stupid system didn’t fail me yet again. I am waiting to see if she sent it to another pharmacy before I panic. I have used up my last row of hormone pills and if I don’t get the pills by Saturday, I am screwed. But I will worry about that tomorrow. I will have to hound the office until it gets called in.

I came home and had to get some lip balm because my lips were so dry they were cracking. The weather was very cold, which didn’t help. I had twenty minutes until the next bus so I had time to run to CVS for the balm. They didn’t have the one I preferred but I got the brand at least. I put it in my jacket so I would have it. I thought of going to Starbucks for a sandwich but there wasn’t time. I figure I would have a cup of tea and my cranberry cake for breakfast.

For lunch, I figure I would make the Shepard’s pie. I was starting to feel lazy while relaxing, drinking my tea. I wasn’t in pain, which I thought was odd. The train was still having delays so there were still no seats on the ride home. I had to stand until the train emptied out two stops before mine. Even while walking home, I wasn’t in pain. I thought I could make the pie without trouble. Yeah right. As I was waiting for the potatoes to brown in the oven, my toes exploded. I was sitting when this happened. I cursed and figured enough time had elapsed for the potatoes. They were crispy but not brown. But I had the same problem last time I used instant potatoes.

I ate a little of it as I had been eating the left over potatoes as the pie was supposed to be browning. I was full with the little piece that I had, which was good enough for me as I needed to rest my godforsaken foot. I cleaned up best I could and then scurried to my room to take more pain meds and rest my stupid foot. I am done for the fucking day. I am tired and in pain. My mother said she would try the pie so she has dinner. She will just have to heat it up. My niece will also have dinner so I am not expecting there to be much leftover for tomorrow. I only had about a pound of ground beef, which wasn’t much. But the craving is out of my system now.

After considering what a friend has commented on my blog the other day, I don’t think I will try and end my life this week. That doesn’t mean that I am any less suicidal. I still am. It’s just that short of jumping in front of a train or getting hit by a bus, I don’t see an alternative to ending my life. Sure there are other ways I could end it, but unless I can secure a hotel room, I doubt it will happen this month. The way that my foot is killing me right now doesn’t make me feel better about my decision. I would go to the hospital but I can’t trust them with my pain medication schedule, or even being able to take my strong pill should I need it. I will go insane if I am in serious pain and not being able to control it because some hot shot doctor thinks better than I do about what is right for me.

I don’t have to go out again until Friday, unless my prescription shows up at Walgreens before then. I know they are cutting paper waste by faxing electronically but I still wish for paper scripts. It just will make life easier sometimes than relying on a stupid new computer system that likes to fuck with everyone, indiscriminately. Until then, I can rest my damn foot.

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