Therapy Troubles

Therapy Troubles

I had talked with my psychiatrist about my therapist on Friday. She wanted me to reach out to her to try and see if our relationship could be salvageable. I left a voicemail message asking for a time to talk so we could work this out. I texted her this morning to check her voicemail and then around 1230, I get a text from her asking if I called any of the therapists she gave me. I fell apart. I felt she wasn’t hearing me, yet again. So I responded that I didn’t want another therapist, that SHE was my therapist and if we couldn’t work this out, to cancel our existing appointment. I’m done. I then cried for an hour waiting for a response that I still am waiting for.

While I was waiting, I emailed my psychiatrist will all this. I told her I would send another email if I got a response. I am so upset over this. I don’t understand why she (my therapist) just didn’t text me a time to talk to her when that is what I said in the voicemail. She never listens to me anymore.

I did a lot of things this morning. Then I went to Walgreens to get some things for my mother. Things were going well until the last block home. I wasn’t wearing my brace because it was a short distance walk. My ankle took advantage of the situation and decided it wasn’t going to work and cause me intense pain. I have been laid up ever since. Fucker. Then my asshole cousin calls me wanting to bring groceries up the stairs. Fuck you. He gave me the excuse he always does, his back was hurting him. He hung up on me and I called him back telling him I wasn’t doing it. He got mad and I didn’t give a shit. When he came, he didn’t do shit and made my niece help him bring the bags up. Asshole.

I finally changed my sheets today so when I go upstairs for the final time today, I will have clean sheets to sleep in. I am very tired. I had to take some pain pills to quiet my ankle down. I’m still waiting for it to quiet down. I tried to nap but lying down increased my pain and my thoughts were dwelling on my therapist so I couldn’t rest. This is the second week without therapy since my therapist has been back. I care but I don’t as I plan on going ahead with my plans. The only people that know of them are my psych and my friend.

2 thoughts on “Therapy Troubles

  1. I am sorry she didn’t respond and that you have to face this. Does it help to see it from her perspective? To think of a time you were in her shoes? That sometimes helps me. It doesn’t make the pain or frustration less because loss is loss and it hurts. But sometimes it helps me to understand. Like I said, I have been where you are. It is awful. Confusing. Hurtful. Frustrating. Hugs!


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