A Day of Pain

A Day of Pain

Yesterday my ankle gave out on me and it was very painful all night. I woke up around 0230 in pain and then I stayed up will around 0430 or so when the pain meds made me sleepy. I don’t remember the time I woke up this morning. It must have been around 0930 because I heard my mother go down the stairs to go to my aunt’s house. I was still in pain so I took more pain meds and then made breakfast. My mother had bacon and I made some scrambled eggs with cheese on toast. My sister was home from her mini vacation so I went downstairs to make my coffee. She said that she had a gift for me. It was an I love Aruba hat. It was cool. My foot started screaming at me so I went back upstairs to my room for it to quiet down. Except it never did.

Around noon time or maybe there after, I took some more meds and made lunch. My foot was really giving me fits. I ate quickly and then went back to my room where my foot then decided to explode. I was started to feel hopeless and just wanted to fucking die. I became suicidal and contemplated calling my psychiatrist. I didn’t know if she would call me back right away so I left that as my last option. I took my strong pain pill. And hoped to fall asleep. I laid down and my pain increased. I sat back up and wanted to cry.

The drowsiness of the meds wore off and by then it was supper time. I had some soup my sister made. It was good. And now I am hurting again because I went downstairs to her apartment and then back up the stairs to my room.

My mother went to the doctors today because she had some redness on her breast that was warm and hurting her. It turned out to be shingles. Except she doesn’t think it’s shingles because “she knows her body”. I know she is going to take one dose of the medication they gave her, it is not going to “work”, and she is going to stop taking it. I just hope I don’t get it because I touched the spot that was hurting her. I am going to call my doctor’s office tomorrow to see if I should get the shingles vaccine.

I had one of the books that I sent out returned to me today. I had put the wrong address for my cousin. I had the street right, just the number of her apartment building wrong. So I need to go to the post office tomorrow to mail it to her. I am sure she is wondering where the hell the book is. I will send it out priority mail so she gets it sooner. I just hope tomorrow I am not in a lot of pain like I am today.

The pain is ridiculous today. I can’t move my toes because if I try, I will be in horrendous pain. Nothing can touch my foot. I am just fucking miserable. I am just glad I ate today as I barely ate yesterday. My PTSD was activated today because of the pain so that was fun. I had to take some Ativan to calm down. It helped with the suicidal urges I was feeling, too. My tolerance for the pain was way low today. I couldn’t bear it at all. It was driving me crazy. I tried to distract myself from it but I just didn’t have the energy to. I had used most of my energy last night as I tried to sleep. It wore me out so much so I am not surprised my pain tolerance was zero today.

My therapist got back to me late last night. Her schedule is “packed” so she doesn’t have a time for me, yet. She is “working” on it. I haven’t heard from her today and I doubt I will tomorrow. So there goes another week without therapy. I gave her an ultimatum, saying that if she didn’t give me a time, we were basically done. She is willing to talk to me but she needs to find a time to do it. I emailed my psychiatrist like at 4 in the morning while I was up to explain the situation because after my therapist texted me, I broke down again. I don’t think that helped my pain levels. If I had the impulsivity, I would seriously try to end my life tonight. But I don’t. I want to die but I don’t have the means. Fucking sucks. I will in a few weeks though. Then I will be out of my misery for good.

One thought on “A Day of Pain

  1. oh hon I am so sorry the pain got so bad. I wish I could hug you and take it away. you are going through a horrendous time of it with the pain being a constant. it is not cool. sending love and hugs xxx


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