bad day at PT

Bad day at PT

I wasn’t in too much pain when I woke up around 1015 this morning. I had to leave early because I needed to mail a book out to one of my CES friends. She wants to give it to her husband for Christmas. Hope it arrives in time. It was cold but not frigid as I waited for the bus. I got to the place around 1215, which still left me a half hour before my appt. I went to a Dunkin and had a sandwich and coffee. And I had to have some donuts, too.

I saw the therapist as I checked in. I waved hi and she asked if she could have a few minutes to eat lunch. I said sure. That gave me time to finish my coffee. My pain was around a 3 or 4, the lowest it has been in quite some time. She decided to give me a try on a stair step thing. I did that for about three minutes. My ankle felt tight but it didn’t hurt. Then we did some other core exercises. My pain level didn’t change too much. Next she wanted to look at where my pain was so I took my sneakers and socks off. I pointed to where it hurt. My ankle was hanging off the table as she poked and prodded lightly. I was getting a bad feeling about this as my ankle didn’t feel right. She had me move my ankle this way and that, moved my toes manually as I couldn’t really do so, for 16 years. She said they were tight. Duh, I didn’t get movement back after 16 years. She said my joint (ankle) was tight. Next thing I know I got a cramp in the area that has been hurting me and I saw stars. It hurt so bad, I started crying. I couldn’t help it. She tried to ease it but nothing she did helped. I was in a flare. It took the rest of the time we had to settle down some so I could put my socks and sneakers back on. I felt bad I cried. I never cry in front of people, but I must have felt “close” to her because the tears were there. I was dreading going home but there was nothing I could do but grin and bear it.

She gave me some stretches and exercises written on a piece of paper and told me when I get home to put a warm compress on my ankle. She also wants me to email her tomorrow to let her know how I am doing. We also set some appts up in the new year. I was thankful to leave. Unfortunately, I had to stand for at least 15 minutes for the bus to take me to the station. I then I had to wait another 20 for the bus home. I kept standing and walking around, sitting while waiting for the bus. I got annoyed the bus hit traffic near a school zone. I wish I had a car so I could drive home. I hate taking the bus but there really is no other way I could travel to my destinations.

By the time I got to my stop, the pain had let up a little bit but walking was still difficult. I took off my AFO when I got home. I got a facecloth and ran hot water on it. I figured it would be warm by the time I put in on my ankle. I went up to my room carefully and got undressed quickly so the cloth didn’t become cold. It was still warm and I left it on my ankle until it got cold. It felt a little better. I took my pain meds. I figure if the pain didn’t go away in an hour or two, I would take the strong pain pill. I then got on my laptop with the intention of writing a blog but it didn’t happen. I was goofing off on the net. I still was thinking of writing but a wave of tiredness came over me and I didn’t know if I should nap or not. By the time I was done goofing off, I was hungry. I tried to order a sandwich but you needed a minimum of $10 and the sandwich was $8. Oh well. I wanted cold cuts but didn’t feel like going back out. I asked my sister if she was coming home after work. She said later and what’s up. I told her I wanted her to buy cold cuts for me and she said she had some in her house. Score! Now I just needed the pain to stop enough for me to go down two flights of stairs. I eventually made my way down. The sandwich was good. She had turkey and salami and rolls.

I am so tired right now. It’s too early to take my meds. I wanted to watch Home Alone but I forgot where I put it. I think it’s in a CD case. I am hurting too much to stand that long taking it off my bookcase as there are other things on top of it. I will try and look for it tomorrow when hopefully the pain is down. My ankle is really throbbing. I am tempted to put some lidocaine on it. But it’s kind of cold in my room and I really don’t want my foot to get frozen like it did the other day.

any thoughts?

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