pain day nothing new

Pain day nothing new

I woke up to my med alarm going off. I didn’t want to get up. I took my meds and needed to brush my teeth. I went downstairs to use the bathroom and then brush. My mother’s phone isn’t working so her visiting home providers are calling me to let me know when they are arriving. An occupational therapist left me a message saying she was going to be here around 1130 or so. I got up again to go back downstairs to let my mother know. When I came back to my room, I figure I would do the few errands I needed to do rather than go back to sleep.

It was cold out but I have a warm jacket and I was roasting by the time I got to the store. On the way home, I realized I forgot my keys. I had changed my wallet, which had a key inside so I was locked out. I had to ring the bell for my mother to open the door for me. She wasn’t happy. Oh well. I had bought us some buffalo wings for lunch. I made them after the therapist left.

My mother kept calling me about calling the phone company to fix her phone. I kept telling her they would text me when they would come out. Finally I got so pissed I called, and guess what, they aren’t coming out till tomorrow, like I told her! Then she decided to call some place and was put on hold. She wasn’t patient so after about 10 minutes she hung up. Only problem was the line was still open because the phone is broke. I kept checking and finally the lady had picked up. I gave my mother the phone so she could talk to her. Now she has a dial tone.

My foot acted up soon after I made my mother lunch around 1230 or so. I have been in moderate to severe pain since. It has made me depressed and I just feel like I want to fucking die. Like what is the point in living an existence anyway? I am so annoyed. We are getting some serious snow starting sometime tomorrow night into Thursday and then it’s the deep freeze again Friday. I cancelled my PT appt as I didn’t want to be out in a snow storm waiting for the bus. Friday I will need to go out because I have to see my psychiatrist. That is going to be fun! Just hope it isn’t icy or I will cancel. I don’t know when the “blizzard” will end but I am sure I will find out before Friday.

I have been craving Chinese food. I shouldn’t order it but I am going to. After the annoying day I’ve had, I think I should be rewarded. I haven’t had dinner yet as my mother just had leftovers. We still have the ham from Christmas. No thanks. My mother is waiting for it to become penicillin before she throws it away. I am not touching it.

I’m still having dizzy spells. I think I am going to skip my dose of the new med tonight. My mother is driving me to drink today. She just called me because she couldn’t get the TV on. She accidently keeps pressing the TV input button but is denying doing so. I have to go downstairs and fix it. Then I couldn’t get the damn remote to sync with the cable box and TV. I turn the TV on, cable box off. Tried again and the opposite would happen. I was getting so annoyed. Finally I just turned on the TV and manually turned on the cable box. I sent Comcast a message via twitter but they want me to DM them and I am too tired to go through bullshit. I’ll fix it tomorrow, I hope.

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