Sad Sale Day

Sad Sale Day

I woke up around 6 with hammering going on in my ankle bone. I took some meds but it took a while for it to settle for me to go back to sleep. I then woke up around 11 with the same hammering. I went downstairs to use the bathroom and brush my teeth. I then heated up a burrito and made a cup of tea. I went up to my room and just read social media until I was out of tea. I wanted to read some more 1984 so went down stairs again to make another cup.

The game was just starting so I turned on the TV. Chris Sale was pitching. He faced his 3rd batter and then was hit by a line drive to the hip. I heard the hit and when they said Sale was down, I freaked out. I was on my phone when the pitch was made. I saw the replay after the play and ouch! He bruised his hip and came out of the game. There are 5 days before Opening Day and he is slated for the start. I don’t know if he will be well enough by then. Sucks because starting pitching is dwindling. I don’t know what happened to Pretty Ricky (Rick Porcello). One of their starting pitchers is going to spend the first 15 games suspended due to domestic violence he did last Oct or Nov. My poor Sox. Right now the Sox are up 3-0. I am now listening to the game as the appeal for watching was gone. I like to be resting my ankle anyway as it hurts so bad. Sitting would only aggravate it. I was happy to learn as soon as I turned on the TV that my favorite new catcher (sort of new) Christain Vasquez was signed an extension 3 year contract. Love him so much. He is like a young Molina (he did follow them before coming to the Sox). He throws out stealers of second base so quick. I loved him the first time I saw him in Spring training a few years ago.

I was late in taking my pain meds. I was supposed to take it around noon and just looked at the time. I am 2 and half hours late. I hate when I am late. I got so wrapped up in baseball. It was a good distraction for my pain. I am so glad it is back!

Windows finally realized I don’t have enough space on my hard drive so allowed me to use an external drive for some updates. I don’t know if it the updates that the stupid Win 10 assistant update thing is for. I think I might have to buy another 128GB thumb drive. I had transferred files from my 64 GB thumb so I could make a boot up thingy for my laptop because I thought I was going to get a new larger HD. I still need to call Dell to find out what are the components on my laptop as they do not match the manual. I really need to get my other laptop fixed. It might cost me $200 but I think it will be better than this piece of shit. I really should have spent the money fixing it rather than buying a new laptop. But live and learn, I guess. I will never get low memory again, either on RAM or HD.

any thoughts?

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