Sunday Blog 27-May-2018

Sunday Blog 27 May 2018

I’ve been feeling sick most of the day. My stomach is still bothering me. I am going to make a cup of chamomile tea soon to see if that settles it. I would love some chicken soup but the package that I have expired, oh only 10 years ago. Oops. I’ll have to go to the store and get some more. I usually like the Lipton better than canned soup because I can add water to make it less salty. It is my comfort food.

Sox lost big time. I don’t know what is going on with this pitcher that was an ace last year. He got hit with a ball on Opening Day and I think it is affecting him in some way or he is hurt and won’t own up to it. My cousin and I were texting about it throughout the game.

I wanted to throw some stuff out in my room and clear things but I just feel so lousy. I just need the trash and recycles taken out. I need to change my sheets so need to clear my bed off. One corner of my bed is full of stuff. I have no idea how it accumulates. I’ve been bad on keeping it clear. Think I need to take one or two things off per day until it is clear as taking everything off will just overwhelm me and nothing till happen.

The weather is at least 20-25 degrees cooler today. I woke up freezing as I had the AC and fan going most of the night. Then my foot got ice cold and on went the thermals to warm it up. I’ve been trying not to nap as I did yesterday which didn’t do me any favors. I got hungry around midnight and ordered a burger. It was so good. I didn’t end up falling asleep until after 2. My med alarm went off around 7. I went to the bathroom and still had the shits but not as bad. I thought it was done until I woke up around noon. That is when I took the Imodium. I really didn’t want to because it constipates me more than my meds do. I really need to stay on top of it this week or I will have trouble the end of the week again. Sucks having to have these things to worry about constantly. My bronchitis isn’t doing me any favors either. I am still having wheezing and coughing after going upstairs to my room. Probably why I feel so worn out, dealing with these new things on top of my chronic pain.

Tomorrow is a holiday so I don’t have therapy. I was able to see my therapist at another time this week, which is good. I will see him on Tuesday. The weather will be better. I think it will be 70 most of the week.

any thoughts?

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