Saturday Blog 4 Aug 2018

Saturday Blog 4 Aug 2018

I woke up in pain around 0800. I decided to take my morning meds early. I used the bathroom. My mother was eating breakfast and my sister was doing something in the kitchen. She was walking all around so I have no idea what she was doing. I went back to my room and slept till 1100 or so. I wanted bacon but it was so damn hot to cook. I thought about putting it in a frying pain and just sticking it on my back porch for the sun to fry but it was cloudy. It would rain in a few hours.

I got up and made the bacon. I asked my mother if she wanted some and she said no. She wanted a cold cut sandwich so I made her one. My aunt made her a sandwich yesterday and didn’t close any of the bags properly which pissed me off because the cheese fell on the floor. I was so mad. The bags couldn’t be easier to close as they have the zip closers on. She completely destroyed one of the bags. Idiot. I had my bacon sandwich and it was good. I haven’t had one in a long time. I mostly been making bacon and egg with toast. I might make that tomorrow morning. I wore my aircast, once I had it on right. Damn thing is a bitch to put on.

I went upstairs after I ate and was going to sleep. My mother called saying she needed something. I said I would be down in a minute but I drifted off to sleep. My mother was mad. Oops. I went downstairs to give her what she wanted and then asked her if she wanted coffee as I wanted some. She said yes. I made it and brought it to her. Then she says she wants some pie. I got her the pie. I was walking back and forth from living room to the kitchen. My ankle was killing me. I emptied the ice trays as we had little ice. I used some for my coffee as I made it iced. She uses a lot because she likes her water cold. I don’t blame her as it’s really hot in the house.

I went back to my room and just played on my phone, reading Twitter as I drank my coffee. I thought about reading but didn’t feel like it. I read a long chapter in Norse Mythology last night. It was kind of funny. You will have to read it to understand it. I love this book so I don’t mind taking my time with it the second go round. The first time I read it in a day and a half. I couldn’t put it down, and it has been a LONG while since I have been able to do that. Most books I struggle to get through a chapter, except the Harry Potter books. Those I can read without a problem because I love them so much. It is a nice escape. I bought another Thomas Waite book because it was 99 cents. I haven’t read the 1st book. He is coming out with the third in the series. I got the 1st book when I was paranoid and delusional. The book is about cyber spying so I knew it wasn’t a book to read at the time as I have a tendency to get lost between reality and fiction, especially when I am psychotic.

The game was starting when I got hungry. I asked my mother what she wanted and she didn’t know. I went downstairs and she said to make her one of the frozen dinners, the Salisbury steak. I really like them. I made it for her as my burger was cooking. My middle sister was sleeping on the couch. I have no idea why. My mother finished her meal and so did I. My sister comes in the kitchen and then yells at me not to buy those dinners anymore. WTF. Who the hell are you to tell me what I can and can’t buy??? My mother told her she doesn’t eat them all the time, just once in a while. My sister proceeded to tell her how bad they were. Go the fuck home! I was so annoyed. I buy them so on days I can’t cook because of pain, I will have something to make.

After dinner, I was so fricken hot. I needed to cool off in my room before tackling the dishes. My mother needed a pillow case and my sister said the sheets in the dryer need to be put on the bed. Great. So when I was cold, I went downstairs and did what I needed to. I had to ask my mother what to do with the bacon grease. The heat kept it from congealing. I didn’t want to throw it down the sink. My mother said to put it in a plastic bag and throw it away. OK. I did that as the other frying pan soaked for a bit. I then washed my coffee pot and the pans. I was sweating bullets. Surprisingly, I didn’t take a bath while washing the dishes like I usually do. I went in the living room to rest for a bit. It was slightly cooler with the ceiling fan going. I then tackled the bed. It was hard because it is a day bed so has a rod on the side. I had to move the mattress to get the sheets wrapped around it. UGH. Then my mother said I didn’t make it right. Tough! I told her I wasn’t her so she would have to live with it. I asked her if she needed anything else. She didn’t so I retreated to my cold room. I am staying here, unless I need to use the bathroom. Tomorrow I got to shave my head and shower. I wanted to do that today but my ankle was hurting too much.

any thoughts?

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