Sunday blog 5 Aug 18

Sunday Blog 5 Aug 2018

I’m listening to 1989 again. I spent most of the day sleeping because I woke up around 0530 in pain. Tomorrow I got to go to the pharmacy and get more meds. I can’t fill the ER ones but I think I can fill the ones I take as PRN. Sucks. My mother was in a lot of pain. By the end of the night, she could hardly walk and it was stressing her out. I have no idea if going through this type of surgery at this time of year was a good idea. But I guess it was better than during the winter. The humidity sucks. I will be giving my AC a break tomorrow when I go out. It has been running non stop for more than a few days. I will be going out MWF so I will shut it off then. It is supposed to be hot all week

I have been reading more. I finished the chapter in the Poe book today. I read it this morning before the meds made me sleepy. I took an Ativan because I wanted to sleep. When I got up, made a pizza for lunch. My brother in law brought up some leftover mushroom pizza. My mother had that. I don’t like mushroom. I just made the deep dish pizza I like. I have like three boxes of them. It is good personal size pizza. My mother doesn’t like it.

After I ate, I made coffee and then shaved my head. I was too hot to shower. The coffee made me sleepy so I just took another nap for a few hours. My sister called wanting me to check on her daughter. My other sister was making my mother dinner. My aunt was over with my cousin who has a 5 month old baby. I played with the baby for a bit before going in the shower before I sweat a lot. I had brought a change of clothes with me but it was too humid to put them on. I quickly dried off, wrapped the towel around me and made a dash to my room. I sat on my bed drying myself off again. I cooled off before I got dressed again. Then my sister wanted me to look after my niece. I went downstairs and she was in bed. She didn’t want anything to eat. She said she would call me when she was hungry. I said okay.

I went back upstairs. I didn’t have dinner yet. I didn’t know what I wanted. I was cooling off in my room. My aunt and cousin left. I decided to make bacon. I had to make it before it went bad. As I was making it, my cousin with bipolar disorder came over. He had done some stuff on his phone and wanted me to fix it. I asked if he wanted a sandwich. He did. So I cooked all the bacon. My mother didn’t want any. He was such a pain in the ass, asking about my mother every five minutes, like any minute she was going to have a problem or something. He was getting on my noise. I had a few bites of my sandwich and then undid what he did on his phone. He was done with his sandwich by then. He wanted me to fix his time out lock. I did that too. His settings were all messed up. He must have had all the phone “cleaners” that were available. I uninstalled all of them and those that were not supposed to be there. I then cleared his browser history and prevented pop ups from happening, which was how I think he ended up with all that shit on his phone. He was talking to me about his mother or my mother the whole time. I was sweating bullets. He looked at my haircut and said the guy did a good job. I said I shaved the sides and back. He was incredulous. He said I did a good job. I finished with his phone and handed it back to him then finished my sandwich. Luckily he took off after saying goodbye to my mother. He said he would come up tomorrow. I hope I am not home, LOL

any thoughts?

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