Saturday Blog 1-Sept-18

Saturday blog 1 Sept 18

I should put do not disturb on more often when there are days I don’t have to do anything. I have it set so only my mother can call me, if there is a problem. But she didn’t call me today and I slept till 3 pm! I had woken up at 4 because nature called and I was hungry. But when I went back to sleep, I was out. I set my alarm for noon. It went off and I shut it but I went back to sleep. I am really surprised I didn’t wake up at all for the bathroom, though when I went at 3, my bladder was hurting big time. I really wasn’t expecting to sleep all day. I wanted to bake but with the damn change in weather, my back hurt pretty bad. It is getting better but it’s late now so I don’t want to bake. I will try tomorrow. I will keep the Do not disturb off so my med alarm goes off. I missed taking my morning meds because I slept so late. I wish I can say I feel rested but I don’t. I feel like I need more sleep.

I had something to eat. I wanted to make bacon but my back said no. I had two burritos. I might have a bowl of cereal later. Or maybe some boiled eggs. I don’t know. Something easy where I don’t have to do dishes after. I like that I have the burritos. It is quick and easy. I should make some egg burritos as I haven’t had them in a long time. I guess I got sick of them as that was all I was eating for breakfast or when I was hungry and didn’t feel like cooking. I made them in batches and froze them. In 2 minutes, I had something to eat. I didn’t like making them with bacon though. The bacon became rubbery and didn’t taste as good.

I shaved my head today. I had to. I was missing the bald feel so bad. I don’t think I did the back right but I don’t care. I know the barber told me to go low so he can better fade it but I kind of like it high the way it is now. But I will listen to him and try not to go too high. I took a shower after as I had to wash the shave oil out. Now my damn fucking ankle is giving me grief. The hot water helped my back. I still got to do the PT exercises. I did some of them when I was in the kitchen after I ate. I have to do some where I use the chair for resistance. It kind of hurt so I only did one set. I don’t think I was sitting properly. I can only do somethings. I just hope my pain doesn’t spike. I don’t feel like battling pain today.

OSU played OSU (Oregon). I thought they were the Ducks and it turns out they are the Beavers. So I am an idiot as I kept on saying on social media the Bucks are killing the Ducks. They did beat them 77-31. I wish I watched the game but I was sleeping. I guess the calendar reminder doesn’t go off in do not disturb mode. I wish I could download the schedule. I need to figure that out. Maybe the OSU website has it. I am using a college football app to check the scores and find out what station they are playing. I hope the whole Urban Meyer thing doesn’t influence there ranking. That would just suck! I was so pissed last season when they didn’t get in the playoffs because they lost to an unranked team. That was the deciding factor. UGH.

Sox are playing now. They are in Chicago. I love that city. They changed the name of the White Sox field. It is now Guaranteed Rate. Dumb name. Probably why they suck. HAHA. Not sure I want to listen. Lately the Sox (red) have been coming back late innings so it was frustrating to watch. I hope they are hot in the beginning and stay hot. I probably will just follow them through Twitter and facebook. I hate the MLB site as they load it will ads and videos that play that you can’t stop. Annoying!!

any thoughts?

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