30 Aug 18

30 Aug 18

I am in a flare right now because I helped my mother with dinner. I was in my room and she yelled for me so I kind of ran down the stairs to make sure she was alright. Next thing I know she is telling me to do this and that for dinner. After things were cooking, I went up my to my room to shut the light off and close my door as the AC was running. When I went down a few steps to go eat dinner, my ankle crapped out on me. I tried going down a few more steps but it just hurt more. I called for my mother to hand me my cane. I needed to get back to my room for breakthrough meds. Though I am hurting so much that it isn’t touching it. I just moved my damn foot to shut the ceiling fan and that just sent pain waves through me.

I went to Starbucks earlier today. I wanted to get my haircut but my barber was not in. I will try to go tomorrow. It all depends on what time I get out after I see my friends. We are meeting late morning. I see my pain doc in the morning and then will be going to another part of Boston to see them. As I now had time to write, I wrote in my journal for a bit and then I saw something on Twitter that sparked me to write an essay about suicide and hotlines. I wrote until it became too emotional for me and I had to stop. Then I spent too much time on social media on my phone and lost my train of thought. I thought I would type it up when I got home as I knew it would be less than 300 words but I really don’t want to stir things up with this flare I am in.

I am very tired and just took my night meds. I plan on taking another breakthrough med with my night time pain med. I’ll also take some Neurontin to help with sleep and any nerve pain I might get once the physical pain settles down. I just used the bathroom and it was hard coming up the stairs. I wish the bozos at the brace clinic fucking listened to me so I could have something to put my foot/ankle in so when I flare, I don’t use it and it can rest. I know it is because it is fatigued and that is why it doesn’t want to “work”. I can feel the fatigue. I also had a spasm just from moving it a little to shut off my fan. My stupid AC isn’t working right. It is on 60 on medium. I should be freezing but am just a little cold, which I can tolerate without having to put on my long sleeve shirt. I can’t stand long enough to move the stuff in front of it to see if the filter needs to be cleaned or the vents need to be adjusted. I thought with the ceiling fan off, it might feel colder. It has, just a tad.

Hunter Hayes just came out with a new song called Dear God. It is so good. I am not sure if the song is out. Figures a male artist comes out with a new song but when Terri Clark came out with a new song last week on radio, Boston didn’t pick it up. I am so mad there are more male artists than female on the radio. I have more male country artists than female. Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert dominates the radio waves. I heard a podcast that Terri Clark has and she said it infuriates her that female artists just don’t get the same radio play as male artists. I honestly wondered why Martina McBride, Sara Evans, and other female artists that I grew up on were no longer on the waves and I guess that is why. Sara has come out with a new album as I follow her on social media. Other than that, I wouldn’t have known. I am more of buying albums than individual songs for certain artists and she is one artist I would buy the album, if I have the money for it. Sometimes it takes me a while to budget for albums, but if I want the song, I will get it. Like Luke Combs, I first heard his song Hurricane and liked his beat so bought the album. I loved his album, though I think the deluxe is a rip off as it is the same album but has a few more songs. If I had known that, I would have just bought those songs and made a playlist for the entire thing. I did that with Blake Shelton’s greatest hits. I think I just had to buy one song on the album and made a playlist for the album, boom, I have the album. I didn’t have to buy songs I already have!

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