just another busy day with PT

Just another busy day with PT

I didn’t get much sleep last night. My feet got cold as the temps were chilly. Then they warmed up after wearing thermal socks. I took them off and OMG my foot went berserk. It felt like a knife was cutting an arc in my foot. It took several hours for it to settle for me to sleep. I also had anxiety. I tried reading and it kind of helped to take my mind off the pain. The book is almost done. I had about 60 pages to go when I read a couple more chapters before shutting off the light. When my alarm went off at 630, I was in a pissy mood. I didn’t want to get up. I snoozed the alarm and then realized I didn’t give myself too much time for snoozing. I really had to leave the house at 7 to get to my appointment on time.

I got up and brushed my teeth. I took my meds and got dressed. I was kind of rushing as it was now after 7 and I wasn’t sure what the buses were running as I was going in the opposite direction today. I got to the station and waited for a bus that would take me where I needed to go but I was getting impatient to took the train to the station closest to the PT office. I still had to wait for a bus. I just wanted coffee and maybe something to eat at that point. My PT was running late so I got some time to finish my coffee. She had computer problems so was running late. We chatted and then she worked on my ankle, which had already started hurting soon as I left the house. She was easy with me. I have no idea what she was doing. She asked if I did the exercises and I just said I was tired, like leave me alone and can I go home now? I was so cranky.

I got home without incident. It was still early. Plan was nap, eat something, do laundry. My phone kept interrupting my nap so I silenced it. Then my sister called. I missed it because it was on silent. I called her back and she asked where my mother was. I said she was out. It was close to when my niece would be coming home so I told her I would let her in and I went downstairs. I made bacon, though it didn’t look so good. It tasted okay and I don’t feel sick so I think I am okay. I really didn’t feel like opening the other package. I wanted to shower before I started the clothes. My mother came home and her sugar was low. My sister was with her so got her juice. It wasn’t horribly low, just under a hundred. The juice would be okay. Then she ate a banana. I felt better about that.

I put the groceries away though I didn’t feel like it. She bought a crap load of eggs and four (4) cases of tomatoes because they were on sale. Italians. What can you do? After I did all that, I went upstairs to grab a change of clothes so I could shower. It would prove worthless as it was too humid. I was so damn hot. I forgot to put the cold air on. I just went up to my room to cool off. I just ate so I didn’t want dinner. I might have some of my cake. I really want to make a taco tater tot casserole but I really don’t want to clean up. I will try and get up early tomorrow so I can make it before my appointments. Least if I make it, I will have dinner after all my appointments tomorrow.

any thoughts?

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