Loving Do Not Disturb Function

Loving Do Not Disturb function

I was up late, most from the exciting win of the Sox and then pain being stupid. I have no idea what time I fell asleep. I know it was after 0330. I had decided to put the Do Not Disturb on my phone as I didn’t want the med alarm to wake me up. I couldn’t fudge the time because it was too early in the morning and the app only allows you to adjust the time within an hour of it going off. So when I woke up at noon, it was too late to take my meds.

I wanted to make my pumpkin cake but it was humid and I didn’t want to turn on the oven. I had to go food shopping for my mother at a grocery store I don’t normally shop at. That meant taking a few buses to get there. I had some coffee and then realized I could take the other bus rather than the bus that goes to the Square. But when I figured this out, the bus was coming in like 7 minutes and I didn’t want to rush. I left around 1330 and didn’t get home till 1630. I had to stop at the pharmacy to get my meds that weren’t in yesterday.

My pain was okay today. I’ve just been taking the breakthrough med when I need it. It didn’t help that I rolled over a toe on my foot with the bag I was using when I got in the house. I didn’t bruise it, or at least the bruise hasn’t shown up yet. I hope it doesn’t. I had to have something to eat as I was starving. I fixed up a chicken sandwich and then had a piece of the chocolate cake I made the other day. It was still moist. It came out pretty good. I guess Betty Crocker is better than Duncan Hines. I never noticed a difference before.

Game 4 of the ALDS is tonight, in about 1.5 hours from now. I am nervous because Porcello is pitching and he can either be hit or miss. Holt isn’t playing tonight but I found out that is because he does really bad against the Skankee pitcher. I feel better knowing this because he had such a hot night last night. I just hope the Sox can have some hits and runs tonight like they did last night. I really don’t want them coming back to Boston to play another game. I want this to end with tonight’s game! Just to rub it in their face in the Bronx. But if it goes to game 5, it goes to game 5.

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