stupid is as stupid does

Stupid is as stupid does

I am really pissed off that there are places where the government is opening up beaches and other places without a clear indication that it is safe to do so. Florida, the state of the stupid, seems to not care about the welfare of the people at all. I know we are all a little crazy being kept in our homes but it is far safer to be there than outside where you could catch something and pass it on to unsuspecting people who are sick. I also cannot believe the doofus is still in office despite being impeached. What is the point of going through an impeachment process if they don’t oust the person sitting in office? Fuck. And this idiot blundered this virus so badly. I am at a loss for words. Do me a favor, Stay the fuck at home!

I have been having bladder spasms and pain all afternoon. I don’t know why. I don’t think I have an infection. But then I have been wrong before. Only problem is I don’t want to go into the hospital just to drop off a specimen again, especially as the cases of the virus have gone up. I am still compromised as I am recovering from surgery so would be more susceptible to it if I were exposed. I might have to go up on my bladder spasm medication. If it doesn’t stop by the time I go to bed, I will send my uro a message asking her what to do about it. I really don’t want to increase it because it causes constipation and I am just now becoming regular without having to take Miralax all the time. I think the Senna and magnesium have done the trick for me. I don’t want to upset the balance. I have no idea what is causing me to have this balance but I know that if I add more constipating medication I am going to disrupt it.

I had therapy this morning. We talked about being on pain meds and what it means for me. She wants me to take them when I need them and I guess that is the “permission” I need. There is nothing wrong with taking my pain meds but there is if I don’t take them when I need them. I don’t know why the pharmacy didn’t fill the prescription today. I will find out tomorrow and file a complaint because it should have been filled. There is no reason why it shouldn’t, unless they didn’t have the medication in stock. I won’t be getting a 30 day supply. I will be getting a 28 day supply, which always messes me up as to when I can get my meds filled again. I don’t have to worry about it until I get the damn thing filled and then I will put the refill thing on my calendar to remind myself so this doesn’t happen again.

I got the window open and it is cold in my room. Temp right now is 67 degrees. It was 66 earlier. I shut off the fan so maybe it will warm up. My cousin, the one whose boiler broke, is still broken and she is without heat until her son can get the part to fix it. I feel bad for her and her husband who is in the cold. But they have their wooden stove so she assures me she is ok. I still worry. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, which is probably why my back is so bad today. I am keeping the window open as long as there isn’t wind, I should be okay with it. If there is wind I am going to have to shut it. I don’t want water in my room.

any thoughts?

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