Saturday Blog 11072020

Saturday Blog 11072020

I did my walk today by going to the pharmacy. I did better than I thought I would do as I wasn’t huffing and puffing as much. I also am not as fatigued today. The last few days have been rough. I collapsed in PT on Thursday. I just became overwhelmed with symptoms of CSF leak. I got very weak very quickly. I had to lay down the rest of the session and then I still had to lay down when I got home. I slept the whole afternoon and evening. I just had a roast beef sandwich and that was it. I didn’t want anything else. Yesterday I was still fatigued and called my surgeon to let him know. I see him on Tues as we set up an appointment with him. I am kind of nervous. I just hope I don’t need an MRI. I don’t think I can deal with it again.

I need a shower but it is too hot in the house. I would melt after coming out of it. I will wait until tomorrow and try then. I have found using the cool vent helps. I just don’t think it would work today as it is so humid in the house.

I am really upset that I can’t do what I used to do anymore. This leak is causing me to decondition and just when I think I am up to par, I get knocked down. I hate that I have to lay down when I get like this. I can’t stand laying in bed all the time. It messes me up. I try not to sleep but being fatigued doesn’t help keeping me awake. I just feel all fuzzy and headachy. The only thing I can do is lay down. It helps take away the fuzzy stuff but not the headache. I have been getting dizzy with it too so I really need to keep my fluids up and stay hydrated.

I have my AC on and think I need a new one as the MED setting doesn’t work. Hi and low does but not med. It is an old AC I have had it for more than 10 years. It has filled its duty. I think getting a new on would help the electric bill some. I also want one where I can access it on my phone so when I am coming home, I can turn it on and cool the room off some. Those kind of ACs are not cheap to buy. There was a model I was looking at on Amazon but the price kept changing so I did away with it. I couldn’t afford it. I should have gotten it when the price was lower.

any thoughts?

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